August 24, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: this weeks findings...

1. I love this cocobella. Font LOVE.
2. Can I please eat this entire pizza - just hold the bacon! No-knead? Score!
3. I'm really enjoying all the adventures going on over at ohdeardrea at the moment. Aloha!
4. I have no idea what's going on here but OMG this kitchen...
5. Isn't this such a cute idea for a birthday card? Note to self: MAKE!
6. This salad will be happening this week at some point. It looks SO good.
7. I want this braid to be in my hair. Pretty!
8. I need some of this motivation. Sometimes, i think Tracy is superhuman!
9. Do you know Charlotte? She's a funny, witty, honest & gorgeous mama! Do yourself a favour & check out I'm only saying what you're thinking!
10. Yes! I will be making vegan corn fritters to go with this bbq sauce. Summer trrr-eats!

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