August 31, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: this weeks findings...

So, i'm 12 hours late this week due to spending SIX HOURS in a car driving back from Devonia... but here is this weeks Friday i'm in love...
1. This place in North Devon makes me want to get married again! Perfect.
2. This week I got an email from Emily introducing me to her amazing & I mean AMAZING shop Ship Shape Studio! I don't think there is a single thing I don't love in there - go go go check it out!
3.  This post from Sarah about Stanley made me giggle! I read it the day after I found a car in my freezer...
4. I plan on winning the lottery at some stage. When I do, my plates will all look like this. Go anthro!
5. I'm a massive fan of cooking for the kiddos with coconut oil. Super good for you!
6. Being pretty much dairy free - this recipe from joy will be my treat! Mmmm mm mmm mmmm.
7. We gorged on this spaghetti with chilli & prawns this week. Oh my goodness - go make!
8. My mates sister Lisbeth makes the most awesome cupcakes! Go have a look at Hiccupcakes.
9. It's September tomorrow! I can now wear this and these! Yay!
10. I've spent time reading the happy campers this week & i'm missing the summer we never had! Boo hiss!

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