August 15, 2012


Yesterday morning we jumped in our bus & headed down to the South Coast for a night.
The weather was gorgeous and warm and even the sky was a California blue - bliss!
I love the south coast, I find the colours so pretty & interesting as it's very different to the North Devon coast where I grew up.
In Devon you are treated to golden sands stretching for miles & miles with pale blue ocean dotted with surfers. On the south coast you have quiet lapping seas, which change colour constantly and pebble beaches made up of all different colours and textures.
Even though it was a flying visit, everyone had a chilled and relaxing time. We beached and we spent the afternoon at Brooklands play area, which is amazing for kids. I took Dexy, Flo & Indi on the Diddyland train ride around the site which they loved & found especially exciting when it broke down...ha! Indi spent the whole time waving at everyone she clapped her eyes on, and Dexy took it upon himself to tell a family off for not having their dog on a lead... er, embarrassing much?!
After the kiddos India fell asleep, the mister and I left the grandparents in charge and we grabbed some wine & supper and headed to the beach to watch the sun go down. So simple and so lovely. What a beautiful part of the world...

 i love this building...
but not quite as much as i love this house on the beach edge...
Even the light the next morning was beautiful...
I feel very lucky to have both the North Devon and the South coastlines at our fingertips. Good times.

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