September 28, 2012


1. I'm desperate for all five of us to go & stay here. Talk about idyllic...
2. Ahhh, such beautiful images from Longest Acres as they pack away the summertime. Bittersweet.
3. Look at this nugget of amazeballs... I am so not inspired, but i may die laughing! WTF?!
4. I recieved a total of 10 cups (10!) for my birthday this year, but it doesn't stop me wanting this mug.
5. In my dreams, I can walk in these and i wear them with this.
6. Ahhhh, i love this work space! I need to get some organise going on here...
7. Dexy & Flo will be stoked if I make them these this weekend. They look gooooood!
8. This studio idea from Design Sponge is genius.
9. If you don't know Evan Dando this will mean nothing to you, but being a superfan (!) I can't believe I have never actually seen this Ben Lee clip! Ha!
10. I'll leave you this week with this.

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