October 01, 2012


Here's the deal:
If you haven't been to Stourhead and you're local to it, then stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and go (unless it's raining, or you have an easily offended boss).
This place is beyond beautiful & in Autumn it is an absolute dream. We took the kiddos there this past Saturday and it was one of the best days out we have all had in ages.
Meandering through the beautiful grounds oooing and ahhing at he beautiful colours was the perfect start to my favourite season, and we could have easily gone back for round two the following day.
We are going to visit again in a couple of weeks to see how the colours have changed, only this time i'm taking a big flask of soup & a big hunk of sourdough & we're going to have ourselves a little Autumn picnic.

Stourhead = simply beautiful...

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