October 12, 2012


1. If theres's one thing i'm making next week it is this Super (super) Spinach Salad from Shutterbean!
2. And on the back of that I have ordered this this book for my up & coming vegan adventure...
3. One of my fave blogs got a new look! Talk about beautiful *swoon*
4. Can this be considered a skill? 
5. Lovely Charlotte made me aware of this book. Consider it ordered!
7. Woah! Check out the band The Family Rain! Amazing.... and from here in Bath!! Local girls, is that the guy from Gap?! 
8. This has been everywhere i'll admit but fellow bloggers.... how hilarious? Jeez!
9. I am super excited about this new series from Nigel Slater. I'm going to have to V+ it!
10. This week, i leave you with this.

Happy weekending! 

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