October 09, 2012



3 SLEEPS until I get to spend near on 3 days to myself!
That's 3 days without multiple school runs or multiple swimming lessons!
That's 3 days without spellings, cooking, cleaning, or laundry!
That's 3 days without a teething toddler.... oh my god, how will i cope?!?!

I think i will be OK.

It's going to be tough i'll admit, but i think i can get through the hell that will be lying in past 5:30am. I might struggle at being able to actually finish a hot cup of coffee, or meander around the shops without the fear of India shoplifting something at buggy height, but of course i'll get through, I just have to be strong.
I'm sure I will miss the constant "OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!  that plays like music to my ears every time we leave the house but i know i'll be able to muddle through. I can always put cbeebies on my ipod or something, right? I mean c'mon, who doesn't turn to the theme tune of gigglebiz in times of distress?

Like I said I WILL BE FINE!

You see, I'm off on a little trip to the big smoke on my own! I'm visiting some of my loveliest friends & going to just chill the f*~k out! The trip is part payback for when the mister went to Hawaii & partly because I've finally accepted the fact that I can no longer justify spending crazy amounts of money going on my annual mecca to Glasto anymore, and how 2010 was probably my last child free version. It just seems so selfishly wrong now, when I know that £400 (easy) could be spent doing things that would benefit us all, not just me sitting in a field drinking cider for 4 days (see, i am a grown up!)
So, instead, I am more than ecstatic (read manically excited) to be going to London this weekend simply to enjoy myself & just re-charge my 'mum batteries' as quite frankly I as am as far away from the Duracell bunny as i could possibly get. If you are too young to remember the Duracell bunny, then You Tube it - Ann Summers have not sponsored this post.

So, what am i gonna dooooo? Well, I'm a mum of an almost 7 year old, a 5 year old & an 18month old, so free time is not only very rare but it also feels a little weird! I've given myself a good couple of hours free on my arrival to adjust, so i am going to tourist it up, as of course when I lived there I never did that. Then, when i've wandered about looking wistfully up at Big Ben, I plan to eat everything i can get my hands on!
Ha! Yep I'm going to London to EAT!
Ottolenghi's! is getting a visit, as is Wahaca Soho! and of course i'm going to go to Whole Foods - finally!
I also want to go to a little deli that I used to frequent a lot 7 years ago whilst i was pregnant with Dex because I want to see if they still sell those little pink pickled turnips that i used to scoff like no body's business... mmmmm.
There will also be trips to see my friend dance in Soho (take your mind out of the gutter, he's a Morris dancer, or sword dancer if you will) and i'm counting on lots of sitting around in my friends beautiful kitchen catching up on old times & laughing loudly, whilst quaffing generous helpings of wine (did i mention i get to sleep in?).

Of course it goes without saying how much I will miss my three beautiful and amazing little nuggets - to the moon & back, if you're counting like we are :( but i think we will all benefit from mama having some well earned time out.
So... roll on Friday, and then when that's done roll on Sunday when I can cuddle them again!


  1. Ha! Love it!
    Have a fab time.
    Jo x

    1. So, guess who just checked her spam folder to find lovely comments from you?! Sorry Miss, i bet you thought i was a right ignorant cowbag!!
      How are you anyway? How are those two scrummy boys? x

  2. You should go to Maltby Street! Have fun...

    1. Oooo, i didn't get to. It was a whistle stop tour in the end, so much to pack in!


  3. Hooray! Hope you had an amazing weekend, sounds like you need it! We just got back for our little escape from Berlin, and it felt so good to be away for a little while, to eat good food, see friends and drink and lie in! And we only have one kid!

    1. I'm on the train home and about to walk right into puking toddler & husband!! Wish me luck;) Glad you had a fab time in Berlin x

  4. Wow. Can't wait to read about it - I can't say I"m not envious!