November 15, 2012


It's official! I am now allowed to chat about Christmas like it's going out of fashion. The reason I know this is that yesterday, on the very 14th of NOVEMBER i heard 'All I want for Christmas is you' by.... well you know who it's by and i can't be bothered to google how to spell her name so please fill in the blank yourselves.
Yes! Christmas is soon to be upon us & being a mum of three beautiful kiddos, i obviously start planning my own christmas list waaaay before i worry about theirs. 
I'm only joking (ish). 
I have actually started organising Christmas already and as part of a new series I'd like to share with you some of our Christmas wish list...

On the top of my list this year is the bell tent we never got around to purchasing this summer. 
I was so desperate to go camping this year. I had big dreams of travelling around the country at the drop of a hat to take the kiddos camping, but we waited and waited for a few days of sun back to back, and as you know it NEVER came. Urgh. I hated this summer and looking back I wish we'd just got on with it, and went camping regardless. 
So, i've started planning next summer already, whilst i was browsing tents online last night and I'm 100% sure that the first destination on our list will of course be a North Devon Holiday in Woolacombe not just because it's home to me but because it is one of the prettiest corners in the whole world and we are very lucky to have it so close.
There really are some excellent campsites in Woolacombe which helps make camping in Devon such a good experience. I haven't been camping since my 30th birthday, but i am chomping at the bit to take the kiddos. I know we will make very happy campers, come rain or come shine & I can't wait!

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