November 16, 2012


1. I know i'm living in the drama free English Countryside (kinda) but i still think this is worthy.
2. There is very little i hate more than crumbs. Luckily Anthro have this covered for the next time i win the lottery.
3. I really do quite like this Tee from Topshop!
4. Have you heard of The Bellefleurs? They are awesome & that's my mate Kate there in the middle!
5. I'm doing my Christmas sprouts this way this year for sure. Yup, 100%. Nom.
6. Move over Gl├╝hwein, there's a new boy in town. Well, I am from Devon...
7. 68 recipe books is simply not enough in my opinion, so can i have just one more?
8. If we celebrated thanksgiving in the UK, my table would look like this.
9. !!!New blog crush alert!!! Check out the super gorgeous house of habit! Beautiful.
10. Words of wisdom? Well, it made me laugh.

Happy Weekending x