February 13, 2013


I thought i'd use this wet and windy Wednesday to do a little catch up. Not that there's that much to talk of, January and February are pretty rubbish. These are my least favourite months of the whole year actually and it always feels like such an enormous battle to get through them. Every time I look out of the window it's the same: rain, white sky, blowing trees and just general grim. If I could sum up these two months in just one word it would be 'meh'

Meh meh meh meh meh.

January was also a bit shit for other reasons too though, like ending up at A&E at 4am on a hefty dose of Morphine.  I had an another attack and whilst they tried to fob me off with gas & air in the ambulance (i was about as happy about that as when they give it you in labour), once my heart rate went crazy-mental & I hyperventilated, Morphine it was. I have never been so poorly and it was something I hope to never ever experience again. The docs are still un-sure whether it was an attack which triggered something else or vice versa but whatever it was, it was terrifying. I'm even considering going back on the waiting list to have a cholecystectomy  but i just don't know yet, i've many things to consider before I make that decision. One things for sure though this didn't help according to my doc. Because of my condition, I have to follow a super strict low-fat diet (which I manage) and being vegan didn't work too well for me. I've re-introduced chicken and fish back into my diet and that seems to be OK and i feel back on track. I guess you could say i'm a vegan that eats chicken and fish (that's a polo-pescitarian if you want to get a bit twatty about it) i'm just to go easy on the avocados, oils, seeds & nuts. Those are the things that really piss my gallbladder off. 
So, i tried it (loved it for the most part) but at this point in my life (with my bitchy gallbladder in tact) Veganism can't be for me. 
No biggie though, it's all good!


  1. Lia! I read this when you first published it and meant to write you a response (and then was called away by a small child..) You poor thing, what a tough time you've been through! I hope our spa date this Monday will make you feel a lot better!
    A vegan friend of mine went through the same thing and had to stop being a vegan too. I've loved your posts though! xx

    1. Thanks lovely!
      I'm sure Monday will sort me out - i can NOT wait!