May 27, 2013


A little while ago I was reading Bleubird and saw that she'd made some ketchup. In her post she was talking about the perfect burger which got me thinking about how much I miss a good old fashioned BURGER. 

Is it weird that I miss burgers but I don't miss fillet steak? Probably. 

So anyway, i set about finding a good turkey burger recipe that would satisfy my craving and whilst I was at it I had a go at making my own ketchup too which turned out to be really easy and so worth doing because the taste is miles away from shop bought stuff. 
I've made it three times so far, adapting & tweaking about six different recipe versions but this one is the one that I'm sticking with. It's a keeper and (boring reference about the British weather coming up) if we ever get the chance to BBQ again this year, then you will not go wrong if you serve this alongside those burnt bangers. 

C'mon! Lets make this thing! What do you mean it's 8am on Bank Holiday Morning and you're not in the mood for making condiments...

You will need:

- 5lbs of tomatoes, de-seeded & chopped
- 1 tbsp of avocado oil / mild olive oil
- 3 cloves of garlic, minced
- 1 medium white onion, finely diced
- 125ml cider vinegar  
- 4 tsp sea salt
- 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
- 1/4 tsp ginger
- 1/4 tsp all spice
- 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
- 1/2 cup dark brown sugar

And you'll need to do this:

1. In a very large saucepan heat your oil over a medium heat. Add your onion and stir occasionally until the onion starts to caramelise.

2. Add your garlic and cook for another couple of minutes, taking care not to burn.

3. Add the vinegar and de-glaze the bottom of your pan before adding your tomatoes.

4. Add the salt, pepper, all spice, ginger & cayenne pepper to the pot and mix well. Increase the heat to medium- high & cook for 20 minutes.

5. Remove from the heat & using an immersion blender puree the tomatoes until nice and smooth.
6. Add the brown sugar & pomegranate molasses & return to the heat. Cook for additional 20 minutes until slightly thickened. You may need to cook for an extra 10 minutes, but the consistency should be slightly less thicker than shop brought ketchup.
7. Remove from the heat and let cool completely before transferring to sterilised air tight bottles. Keep in the fridge for up to two weeks.


  1. Total indulgent way to spend a morning. Love it.

    1. It's become a weekly ritual here!


  2. it seems to be natural home made tomato sauce but little confusion on the taste..

    1. It's possibly a little sweeter than the Heinz variety i guess.