May 24, 2013


1. EATING /// I fancy making this recipe I found on goop. I'm a massive lover of kale, and wow just look at how good it looks. I'm in the mood to get healthier for the summer we are all so desperately hoping for.

2. DISCOVERING /// I'm super happy to have found the blog Fox in the Pine. It's beautiful, right? Did you see the egg plant post yet? Ahh, i love it.

3. PINNING /// Check out this awesome idea via Freckled Nest. This is something i NEED to do. My calendar this month has had a minimum of four things (highlighted in different colours, naturally!) to do each day. And Dexter wonders why sometimes we leave his lunchbox on the dining room table...

4. WEARING /// I'd love these leggins for my girls from Theif & Bandit KIDS. All their stuff is adorable to be honest, but those leggings are my favourite & my best. I've been a big fan for so long, but i've never got around to actually purchasing. I think i should put that right!

5. READING /// I know i'm going to be a fan the beautiful blog Eat Drink Chic forever. Those photo's! Those colour pallets - I am in the midst of a major (like, MAJOR) blog crush!

* Welcome to the new calmer and prettier version of what was Friday i'm in love! 
It's partly because i'm spending less time on line at the moment so i'm not gathering so many links and it's partly because the blog is currently going through a little make-over (which you'll see more of over the next couple of weeks).

So, for now 'Five Finds For Friday' it is -  hope you like!

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