June 25, 2013


In the 26 years that I've been a Glasto girl, this has to be my favourite moment ever. I'm a massive Beatles fan & i never thought I'd get the chance to see one of them perform this song. A year later whilst pregnant with Dexter, i literally 'bumped' into Paul McCartney on Dean Street in Soho and he started talking to me. I almost died there on the spot and couldn't stop shaking let alone string more than a few garbled words together & I think I actually got sent home from work that afternoon in some kind of disarray.

So anyway, yes, I kind of love Glastonbury Festival like it's a member of my family which is weird I know but you can read here why I am going to struggle probably act like a big fat baby this weekend.

Happy Glastonbury to all you lucky people going this year, I hope the sun shines for you and I WILL see you next year come hell or high water...


  1. I know I'll be jealous when I see it on the telly this weekend... but weirdly, I just can't see myself ever going to Glastonbury again, but never say never!

    1. It's killing me that my family are there NOW and i'm missing from the line-up :( I started a Glasto fund today too for next year!