June 28, 2013


1. LOVING /// Yellow. I've always loved yellow and these photos from the French Elle had me transfixed earlier in the week. We are in the process of re-decorating our staircase & there WILL be yellow involved!

2. EATING /// I finally got around to adapting one of my favourite seafood dishes for the blog - inspired by this recipe for Shrimp Creole. 

3. AMAZING /// Oh my goodness, this house! That wall in the 3rd picture down is amazing! Angelita Bonnetti, your house is just wow!

4. LOOKING /// This collection of images of London now & then is so interesting. I've a special fondness for the Brick Lane one at the end as I held my degree show at The Truman Brewery which was awesome!

5. LISTENING /// to lots & lots of the lovely Frank Turner this week. Can't get enough!

Happy Weeking Friends x

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