November 18, 2013

18.11.13 | FOR ALL OF US: TOPS

For Dad: Tokyo 63 from Jakes
For Flo: Embellished Sweater from Boden

I am forever getting ideas for Christmas presents, Birthdays or just wardrobe updates when needed, which is all the time with Dexy who never seems to stop growing; yesterday, i got him a few tee's and had to get size 10-11, the boy is *just* 8). Anyway, i can never remember when or where I saw said items, because i'm pretty forgetful. So, gathered up there notebook stylee, are my top picks of tops around at the moment, one for each of us.

Hope you like them!


  1. I've been eyeing up the 'hello' top for yonks! Must drop some hints to the OH before they sell out. Again!