November 19, 2013


It's all change round here and to say it's bittersweet, is an understatement. You see, we are going through probably the last bedroom switch around since we moved here almost 7 years ago as a then family of four from London. Dexy is eight now and feels a little too old to be sharing with his sister and to be honest, India needs to get out of that damn cot (I know, i know - it's called 3rd child syndrome) and Flo? Well, Flo just needs a high bed and so we are doing the great switcheroo this weekend.
I'm really sad about it though. This is how it's going to be from now on; there's not going to be any more babies, big old Dexter will now have his own big boys room and the girls will be entering a massive new chapter. At the moment they are 2 and 6 which is going to be everything from cute to god damn noisy, then eventually (i hope) sharing clothes, make-up, gossip, stories about boys, secrets from mum etc etc. I hope I'm not being terribly naive and in actual fact a 10 and a 14 year old or a 12 and a 16 year old in the same room is going to be nothing short of hell on Earth.... oh god, what have we done?!?!

OK - time for something positive - OUR NEW ROOM! Yippppppeeeee!

I don't like our current bedroom, lets be honest here. My bed is FAB and MASSIVE but the rest of the room has about as much style as me circa 1992 when I was trying to be Blossom. We have a royal blue carpet which was left over from the Dexy baby days and white walls. OK, that's not awful I know and in actual fact it will be perfect for the girls because one of them at least is a die hard Chelsea fan, but that carpet for us? No thank you! Same goes for my bed linen actually, which i attempted to match to the carpet in a moment of "Wow! Look, this is only £3.99" Ikea insanity.

So, I'm planning and pinning like crazy. The mister has been working like a trooper on re-configuring the loft space (we took out the en-suite) and painting all the never-painted-before wood work and it's starting to look fresh and bright and spacious. He's laying some rich mahogany flooring at the weekend and then I get to have some fun, making our forever bedroom space beautiful. Above are some ideas of calm, clutter free spaces, and some idea for some wall art. What do you think?

*collage created from various images found via pinterest

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