December 20, 2013


1. I am still so in love with The Selby. What can I say? I'm nosey!
2. Weekly flowers are one of my new years resolutions - partly because how much I've loved this series from Lou.
3. Look at this beautiful free holiday tags & wrap printables from oh happy day!
4. If I ever own my own cafe, it will have to look similar to this place. LOVE!
5. Yes. Yes, it blummin' well does. Overwhemled much?!

Wooooooah, today is kicking my ass! I have so much going on (like you're the only one Lia, quit moaning) that I don't even know where to begin.

I'm hoping to see you a couple more times before the big day next week as I have a last minute gift guide and a cute mini-DIY to share - fingers crossed I get around to them!

Have a good weekend folks! xox

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