December 22, 2013


When Dexy & Flo were both toddlers, some friends of mine introduced me to the fab tradition of sprinkling reindeer dust on the doorstep on Christmas Eve, to help the reindeer's find your door ;) 
The kids go crazy for this and it's a fun activity to do with them on Christmas Eve if they are going mad with excitement! I actually pre-made ours this year as I wanted it to be part of their advent calendars, so i took some pics & created a mini-D.I.Y post for you. Enjoy!

You will need the following:

All you need to do is combine the edible glitter and oats together into small clear bags. Seal with some pretty tape and attach your tags. It's that simple! You can then either print out or hand write your labels and if you want you can attach a poem on the reverse. 

It's cheap, it's cute & the kids love it. It's one of our favourite Christmas traditions and it can be a sweet little gift too.

Here's Dexy & Flo sprinkling theirs last year...

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