January 10, 2014


01 - I pinned this bag ages ago, and I'm pretty sure I've featured it here before, but I still haven't found it. It's 100% my cup of tea when it comes to bags!
02 - Same goes for these nails. I need a heads up as to where I can find a matte grey nail polish. Ok, so it's not essential in the grand scheme of things but I'd like to find some all the same. This looks pretty similar...
03. Stumble into the kitchen and pour yourself a cup of ambition!! I love this piece from this etsy shop.
04. This printable calendar from oh the lovely things is one of the prettiest I've seen this year.
05. I add a pinch of turmeric to my bottled water each morning like I have been doing for ages but I'll stop there because we all know how well the turmeric tea went down a few months ago! The whole world and his wife are now popping the kettle on for a cup of the stuff at the moment though - ha! Hashtag just sayin'... 

Have a good weekend folks xxx


  1. Hello Lia! You can get matte grey nail varnish from topshop. I have some myself. I haven't managed to apply it so it looks this flawless yet though. That may have something to do with my inept nail varnish application skills though. Lucy x


    1. Thanks Lucy! I'll pop and have a look (any excuse for another visit to Topshop!!) Funnily enough, I actually found some slightly darker than that this morning - but the Topshop one looks more like what i'm after :)
      I was going to apply some in a mo but just finished my first workout of 2014 and these shakes wouldn't make for the best application ;)