January 09, 2014


I can not believe I just typed that title.

Pre-School? For who? Not India who was just born last week? Not my little baby - the last little person I will be filling my days playing / battling / shopping / picnicking / giggling with?

Yes, India.


It has totally crept up on me, this Pre-school lark and to be honest, I know that I have been putting off thinking about it.  I know, I know - I felt exactly the same way with Dexter & Florence, but it still felt as if someone had punched me in the face when I came to realise that before long, it would happen. I was talking to some fellow mums in the playground yesterday, who have their similar aged kiddos attending already, and at first I actually felt all brave and confident having this very important conversation. But then, it kind of all went wrong and I just gave up.
It was a lot like this actually...

Them: Lia, have you decided on a pre-school yet?
Me: No

Them: Well, are you looking around?
Me: No

Them: When is India 3?
Me: April

Them: Errr, when are you going to get her name down?
Me: What's that over there? *points and runs*

I'm just NOT ready.
Well, I don't think I am anyway?

Maybe it was a sign that I bumped into one of the teachers from Dex & Flo's pre-school this morning? She's invited us up for a 'play' on Monday morning to see if India likes it...

Not my baby, not yet...

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