January 03, 2010


This Christmas we thought the kiddos were old enough to enjoy the 'enchanted walk' at Westonbirt. So off we headed. It was COLD and very muddy, but the kids had a blast especially as Aunty Caz & Uncle Tony came along for the ride. Then the grown ups came home & enjoyed a very lovely pre-christmas evening. Vintage port & stinky cheeses were the headliners & they did not disappoint!

We had loads of fun on the build up to Xmas - Caz & Tony came to the arboretum with us for the 'enchanted walk' then we had some very special port and cheese.....mmmmmm

The Next day was the Pre-School Nativity. Dexy was the donkey & Flo was a fairy in the audience ;) They both looked cute, regardless if they had a leading role or not!!

But, one the the best things for the kiddos was that  WE GOT SNOW!!! Well, London village did anyway, but we were lucky enough to be up there visiting friends & relatives so we got in on it big time.....