December 23, 2011


And so it contiunes...... December has gone so fast, and today it's the day before Christmas Eve & there's still so much to do!! 
We have friends visiting this morning, family arriving this evening, then we are driving to meet some more family for lunch tomorrow & somewhere in that chaos, i need to go to the supermarket to get some last minute bits & make & wrap some last minute presents for some friends .... 

We made these for all the teachers at school too....

Everyone here is so excited, and can't wait for the 'big fat man with the long white beard! (as sang by Florences' favourite Mr Buble! We are hearing that album A LOT, along with Cliff Richards 'Mistletoe & Wine' which she demands on repeat on full blast. Honestly, where does she get her taste from??!? Dexters not doing so badly - his fave Christmas song is Paul McCartney's 'Wonderful Christmastime' so at least he's getting some Beatles in there, right? No, not quite....
And us? We'll we are in love with 'A very She & Him Christmas' this year, it's the best Christmas album going i reckon. It's that which will slowly serenade us towards the big day..... ONLY 2 MORE SLEEPS!!

December 05, 2011


Well, it's only the 5th of December two very important traditions have already taken place! A visit to Father Christmas & putting the fairy on the tree. It was Dexters' turn this year & Flo didn't have a complete loony tune hissy fit about that, oh no, not one bit.......(ahem). Anyway, the kiddos wanted as much colour on the tree as possible this year, so all my white & red scandi decs didn't even get a look in as we made way for pinks, blues, glitters & even a god awful thing which is Santa in a VW Beetle But hey, they're happy with tac, and our tree does look exactly as it should - as camp as Christmas! 


We just had a lovely 5 days down in my favorite part of Cornwall, Crackington Haven. We always rent the same cottage at least once a year & just spend time enjoying the area. We were lucky enough to experience a lovely mild November & for the most part we just relaxed (i'm going to leave out the bit about another gallstone attack & the nearest A&E department being a whole hour away in Devon!) and recharged our batteries ready for Christmas. Lovely!