March 29, 2010


Dizzy & Icy are learning all about Puff the Magic Dragon at pre-school, and this weekend they got to bring him home with them.... They loved it and i felt like I was back at uni trying to finish art projects last minute on a Sunday evening!! Here's some of the pics we took...


March 27, 2010


YAY - Last weekend brought us some sunshine :) So off we headed to our favourite Alice Park. It was such a lovely chilled Sunday afternoon, there was a DJ playing some soft soul tunes outside the cute little cafe & the sandpit was full of smiling children, including our two..... Check out Dizzy Boo's sand city! It gained some serious sandpit respect amongst his peers as it was the only one that didn't get kicked down!!


March 25, 2010


February also brought with it a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for out Little Miss Manic who turned a big girl's 3 on St. Valentines Day 
The order of the day was presents, pizza, cinema, popcorn & the homemade Hello Kitty cake - which took forever to make and seconds to demolish....

Happy Birthday Beauty Girl


Erm, why is it still so cold & dark & miserable? I've been promising spring to Dizzy & Icy for what feels like forever! Winter has been a long, drawn out process this year - we got THREE snowfalls!! 

and.....  little Miss Icy joined Dizzy Boo at pre-school!! Shame it didn't *quite* go to plan at first - I ended up staying to every session with her for  a whole half term!!