January 31, 2014


01 - Sometimes a recipe makes me say a naughty word out loud. This one did exactly that!
02 - I'm hoping to get some more houseplants. I just kill everything though, that's my problem. I think this post would help.
03 - Do you have a teenager? This laundry bag from Hunkydory Home is fab!
04 - There's this saying: "Know when to give up & have a margarita!" Cor, how refreshing does that look?! 
05 - I think I'm grown up enough for a grown up watch and I'll take this one please.

January 30, 2014


I think this is the first pizza recipe that I have posted on here, so yay for that. It's also the first time I've had fig on a pizza, so a round of applause to that too. It's also the very first time that I've posted a recipe that is semi-shop brought so hooray for occasionally taking the pressure off!
I made this pizza last Thursday when I wanted something that could be made and consumed in the 1hr 15 minutes that my big kids were at their Woodcraft folk club (hippy street cred? check!). 
India was in bed, I poured a glass of something that may, or may not have been alcohol free, and I made this delicious pizza topping - lovingly created on top of a Sainsburys pizza base (other supermarkets are available people ;).
Had it been the weekend, I probably would have made my own dough, because let's face it, it does taste much better that way, but for a quick supper, this is 100% the way forward for me and I don't feel guilty, not one. little. bit! 

January 28, 2014


The Be Good Tanyas - The Littlest Birds.

So pretty.

January 24, 2014


01 - I would love this somewhere in my home. Beautiful.
02 - I have been crushing over this new-to-me blog Junkaholique these past few days. I love it and I'm so glad i (finally) found it.
03 - What will you be doing when you're 64? I think Muse has the right idea!
04 - I think I'll get this card from Southwood Stores for Florence's 7th birthday next month. She'll find it funny!
05. I think this salad might be my second input to #getyoursaladon - a little instagram fun I'm having with Lucy from London Loafing! This kale one was my first.

January 21, 2014


Blind Melon - No Rain

This has been in my head all week. I used to love this song - ah to be 13 again with all that angst!

January 20, 2014


I had a plan for this year - I was going to make and blog about a new salad every week. Partly because I think salads get a bad press, especially in the stodgy wintertime, and partly because salads are one of my favourite types of food. But, as with all plans I seem to make regarding this blog, it hasn't quite worked out that way, and here we are in week 3 of January and I've only got one salad under my belt. Oh well, let it be 'a salad a month' instead, or 'a salad when I get around to it'.

We are really onto a winner here, with our debut salad of 2014. It's got kale, it's got quinoa and it's got pomegranate - all great for you and perfect for this time of year. The added apple gives it an extra sweet kick & the walnuts provide a really nice texture. 
This salad really is quick, easy and tastes absolutely delicious - enjoy!

January 17, 2014


01 - Have you heard of Tamar Cohen? I hadn't until this week, but I really love what she does. 
02 - This soup posted on Love & Lemons will be making an appearance in my kitchen this week.
03 - I just started this book. I'm missing London hard at the minute.
04 - The photos in this article are beautiful. Eight down - wow.
05 - If I had time for D.I.Y this week, I'd make these, lots of these. Maybe I should quit this stupid new hobby of running (seriously, how much pain?) and use my time more wisely, like painting jam jars. Yes, good plan ;)

Have a good weekend folks.

January 14, 2014


Lady - Get Ready.

This song is a current favourite of both mine and India's and is top of the kitchen disco playlist!

January 12, 2014


So, 2014 here we are. Here we are and my first recipe of this delightful new year is a pudding. That's not right, is it, puddings in January?!
Well, yes actually because if there ever was a pudding that was super good for you, then this one would be it. I'm not talking about fruit salads here, or melon boats harking back to the '80's (now there's an idea), no,  I'm talking about a pudding pudding. Rich, chocolaty and so good you'll find yourself eating it at 9am on a Sunday morning whilst writing a blog post, when your husband is sweating it out on the badminton court (ahem).

Ladies and Gents, I present to you this vegan chocolate avocado pudding. It's easy peasy to make, tastes fantastic and is jam packed full of goodness in the form of avocados, walnuts, coconut oil and cocoa. All perfect for easing any New Years diet guilt (life's too short!) and if you want to / need to, you can make it 100% raw by dehydrating overnight or freezing the base instead of slightly baking it, and by being a little strict about a couple of the ingredients. It's good stuff, I promise and even though some of the ingredients may make you raise an eyebrow, go with it because it's worth it.

January 10, 2014


01 - I pinned this bag ages ago, and I'm pretty sure I've featured it here before, but I still haven't found it. It's 100% my cup of tea when it comes to bags!
02 - Same goes for these nails. I need a heads up as to where I can find a matte grey nail polish. Ok, so it's not essential in the grand scheme of things but I'd like to find some all the same. This looks pretty similar...
03. Stumble into the kitchen and pour yourself a cup of ambition!! I love this piece from this etsy shop.
04. This printable calendar from oh the lovely things is one of the prettiest I've seen this year.
05. I add a pinch of turmeric to my bottled water each morning like I have been doing for ages but I'll stop there because we all know how well the turmeric tea went down a few months ago! The whole world and his wife are now popping the kettle on for a cup of the stuff at the moment though - ha! Hashtag just sayin'... 

Have a good weekend folks xxx

January 09, 2014


I can not believe I just typed that title.

Pre-School? For who? Not India who was just born last week? Not my little baby - the last little person I will be filling my days playing / battling / shopping / picnicking / giggling with?

Yes, India.


It has totally crept up on me, this Pre-school lark and to be honest, I know that I have been putting off thinking about it.  I know, I know - I felt exactly the same way with Dexter & Florence, but it still felt as if someone had punched me in the face when I came to realise that before long, it would happen. I was talking to some fellow mums in the playground yesterday, who have their similar aged kiddos attending already, and at first I actually felt all brave and confident having this very important conversation. But then, it kind of all went wrong and I just gave up.
It was a lot like this actually...

Them: Lia, have you decided on a pre-school yet?
Me: No

Them: Well, are you looking around?
Me: No

Them: When is India 3?
Me: April

Them: Errr, when are you going to get her name down?
Me: What's that over there? *points and runs*

I'm just NOT ready.
Well, I don't think I am anyway?

Maybe it was a sign that I bumped into one of the teachers from Dex & Flo's pre-school this morning? She's invited us up for a 'play' on Monday morning to see if India likes it...

Not my baby, not yet...

January 07, 2014


Laura Mvula: Green Garden

I think i'm very late to the Laura Mvula party, but wow - this song is awesome. I only heard it for the first time yesterday when I was catching up with a few podcasts whilst cleaning this ole house, but i was instantly stopped in my tracks. New fave!!