March 24, 2014



Just popping on to say that i'm currently in the middle of re-branding this little blog here.
The last couple of days have brought me closer to the decision, for reasons I don't really want to go in to, but it was one i have been considering for a while, so it's all good.

I'll be sad to see the name go, but these things happen and I keep reminding myself that change is good.

So i'll see you soon :)

Lia x

March 19, 2014


Ok, so this is a bit of a weird way to open a food post, but I hate to bake. There, I said it (again).
I don't know if it's because we inherited our oven from the previous owners and it's a bit crap (they didn't leave it because it was the best oven in the world, did they now?) or just because the whole process is so exact and regimented. I find the fact that you do a little bit, then have to wait sometimes up to an hour to see a result, really, really frustrating. I'm an impatient soul by nature, something I wrote about briefly in 2012 (whilst posting photo's of food with god-awful graphics), so I like to see results fast! I guess that's why salads are my favourite thing ever, and why hob-top cooking appeals so much.

So, where's she going with today's dose of inane babble you may be asking yourself at this point? Well, I made you a cakey loaf type thing. A banana & polenta cakey loaf type thing, to be exact. AND it wasn't rubbish! Hurrah. It's semi sweet and it's fairly dense, and when cooled goes insanely well with a big spread of salted butter (says's she who isn't meant to eat too much dairy - ssssshhhh)!

Hope you like :)

March 18, 2014


New York Morning - Elbow

It's a really interesting video, so go on, watch it right through :)

(and I still have a bit of a thing for Guy Garvey!)

March 14, 2014


01 - A while ago a friend of ours told me about Herb Lester's Travel Guides. I love all of them, aren't they fab?
02 - Making a raw and vegan version of this nutella cheesecake is on my to-do list!
03 - I love a good home office tour and this one from Lisa Congdon does not disappoint. 
04 - I need a new LBD. This one is perfect.
05 - My favourite etsy find this week.
06 - Emma Dibben's illustrations are beautiful and I feel like I want to fill my house up with them!

I can't believe I haven't posted all week! Well, I can believe it, because this week has been packed full to the rafters, but still. We've all been so busy with the day to day, that I'm feeling pretty exhausted. It's been a good week though and although I'm not complaining, I'm glad tomorrow is Saturday! We're away for the weekend again and it looks as though the weather will be as kind to us as it was last week so I'm hoping to get a couple of good runs in by the sea :) On that note, I should really go - those weekend bags aren't going to pack themselves!!

Oh, and before I forget, the nominations for the MAD's close at midnight tonight & so far i'm nominated in the Best Food Blog and Most Innovative Blog categories! I'd love it if you could spare me a vote? You can do so here! Thank you so much to those who have already nominated, it really does mean a lot :)

Have a good, sunny and relaxing weekend - see you next week!


March 07, 2014


01. - Sweet pots, homemade mayo & pickles? What is better than that? Answer: nothing.
02. This cup is beautiful.
03. Check out this place. It's pretty much perfection!
04. I have a thing for candles and I imagine this one is lovely.
05. Baby I'm Bored car sticker! I remember seeing this on someones blog before but couldn't ever trace it back, then yesterday I found it again. I'm hoping it's a wink to Mr Dando. Hi Evan, I'm still here ;)
06.  Ray Bans. Ahhh, these perfect Ray Bans.

Happy Weekend folks :)

Mwah x

March 05, 2014


Everyone (me included) is so desperate for the Winter to be over, that Spring brings with it such great expectations. Today, even though we did actually wake up to a frost we were treated to a beautiful Spring day, full of sunshine and crisp blue skies and it got me thinking.
I'm going to enjoy these next couple of months of warmer times, and I'm especially looking forward to taking more walks with the kiddos, eating a lot less stodge, drinking (& creating) some interesting waters' to keep at hand, and planting a whole bunch of stuff to get cooking with throughout the summer months.

Ahh, I do welcome March!!

What are you looking forward to?

original images: pinterest