September 30, 2013


Well, I'm pretty sure that I have to accept that Autumn is here. I was really hesitant for the summer to end as it was so lovely, but now that it's getting cooler and the nights are drawing in, I'm kinda loving it. I think Autumn for a lot of people means time for more baking, but I am a terrible baker and can't bake a cake or a muffin to save my life. As you know I love to cook but I really do not love to bake - unless it's something quick & super simple, like granola. I know, I know - making a batch of granola isn't technically baking, but it's as close as I'm planning on getting.

The idea is that I will make a huge batch of granola on a Sunday, and it will feed us for the week. It's one of a few new habits I'm trying to get into in order to make the crazily busy week run a little smoother & so far it seems to be working, but more on that later (like how I'm almost dying on a daily basis doing the 30-day shred). 

For now though, try to erase that mental image of me bouncing around in my living room like an uncoordinated hippo and just enjoy this banana-ry maple-ly goodness in all it's glory. (I know those aren't real words...)

September 29, 2013


this place, which only sells mac & cheese

September 22, 2013


Let me share this really lovely salad we had a lot over the summer. It's simple, fresh and flavoursome and perfect for a weekend lunch. You could switch the leaves up if you're not too keen on the peppery watercress, i think baby leaf spinach would work well. The key to this is the marinating time, so make sure you let it sit for at least an hour.

September 17, 2013

17.09.13 | BLUR - TENDER

Blur - Tender

When I hear this, I'm 19 years old sitting in the beer garden of the pub opposite uni (the castle?) with daisies in my hair, drinking a pint of Guiness. 

I love this song.

September 16, 2013


(These things caught my eye this week)

this vintage poster

September 15, 2013


You have to check out this video!
It's from the brother of my oldest friend Kelly and to say he is a mind blowing magician is an understatement. 
(turns out that annoying kid who used to wind me up constantly about trying to look like Blossom is the best magician I have ever seen, EVER!)

Take a look - it is amazing, i promise!

You can also check out his website here.

September 13, 2013


1. I wish I could make a cluttered kitchen look as stylish as this.
2. These need to make an appearance on my feet as soon as I hit 34.
3. I love this series from Alexis and I especially love Pauline's kitchen in the most recent post. More please!
4. These look divine. It's completely unfair that I'm currently on a major health kick. Meh.
5. I think my husband can relate to this. It's too true!

Happy Weekend folks!

September 12, 2013

12.09.13 | THE SUMMER THAT WAS 2013

Here is what summer 2013 looked like:

The weather wasn't always good, but most of the time it was awesome.

September 10, 2013


Kathryn Williams - I started a joke.

Do you ever love an artist, like really really love them, then for some reason they just pop out of your head & you totally forget about them for years? Well this happened with me and Kathryn Williams. I was totally obsessed in the early '00s and played her 'Little Black Numbers' album over and over again in our office (my work mate Al hated it! Hi Al!). Then for some reason, I just stopped playing her.
This song is a cover of a Bee Gees song, and it's on an amazing album called Relations which is full of covers of her favourite songs. My mate Tom bought me it as a wedding gift & I'm about to drag that album out from the depths of the cupboard under the stairs and upload it as a matter of urgency!

How could I forget such a lovely voice?

P.S - There's no video, but you don't need one.
P.P.S - I was going to choose Bam Bam by Sister Nancy this week but I have been listening to it non-stop.
P.P.S - The name 'Tuesdays Tune' is a bit Tony Blackburn isn't it pop pickers? I feel a change coming on.

September 09, 2013


My new favourite things are almonds. I like them best when they are roasted & salted and by the bucket load. They are so good, and providing you don't actually eat them by the bucket load, they are really very good for you. 
I've been making them a few different ways but this is a lovely spicy version which is as easy as ABC. This recipe quite frankly is (wait for it) THE NUTS!
Boom! I'm back!

September 08, 2013

08.09.13 | ALMOST 34

1. I love a good coffee (although I'm more obsessed with tea, green with raspberry if you're making) and what better way to make it than in one of these Pantone Espresso Makers. Coming to the UK soon, hurrah!

2. I am in desperate need of some new cons. I worked out that the ones i wear day in, day out were actually bought 11 years ago when we were in L.A - 11 years!

3. I really really really want a Kanken Mini in Uncle Blue. I'm a bag girl (shoes? Yawn) and these are just too cute. I love, no scrap that, I NEED this bag. Of course I do.

4. Flowers. I love peonies, and every birthday needs flowers. Simple.

5. My kitchen is crying out for a new radio. I love the radio and it is on permanently. My listening schedule goes like this: 6:30 - Radio Two for Chris Evans then over to Six Music for Lauren Laverne followed by Radcliff & Maconie after which I listen to a little Steve Lamacq before switching back to R2 for some Simon Mayo action followed by the evening spent with Jo Whiley. 
Oh yes, it's all serious high brow stuff y'know. My favourite radio day though is Saturday, and woe betide anyone who gets in the way of my favourite Liza Tarbuck. She is hands down my favourite lady of all time! I'm cool & you know it.

6. This book. Jeeeeeez, how many times do i need to bang on about this book before it lands on my lap?! C'mon people, get with the programme.

So, this is what soon to be 34 year old Lia looks like, thank you for humouring my spoilt brattish 6 year old self. Want? Need? Rude!

This is not a sponsored post, i genuinely want all this stuff.

September 07, 2013

07.09.13 | HELLO THERE!

Well, look how quickly 2 weeks turned into a whole month! I didn't mean to be away for quite so long, but actually it was what I needed. It was such a lovely summer wasn't it? The weather was amazing, and i'm glad we made the most of it. We didn't go away for any length of time, but we visited friends, we took day trips, we caught up with family and we basically chilled OUT.
The kids we're chuffed to almost complete their summer bucket list, and the pace of life slowed right down - such a harsh contrast to this week. Autumn is on it's way for sure and normally I am ready for it (I love it) but this year, I kind of want Summer to hang around a little longer. 
I've been spending less time in the kitchen as we've been BBQing lots and eating out a fair bit so i'm looking forward of getting back in there! I've a few ideas lined up for stuff i'd like to try and a few new recipe books on my wish list ;)
School's back and with it comes a new school run (four miles a day, two of them up very steep hills, ouch), new school clubs (Dex signed himself up for ukulele lessons, how very bleubird of him!) so we need to figure out a new routine for ourselves as at this rate after spellings, readings, walks home, tea-time is looking closer to midnight. We'll get there in the end, i'm just really tired after the first week back and am looking forward to relaxing this weekend with friends (another BBQ!) and having some well needed lie-ins.

Bye Bye Summer, you were most excellent! Dude.

P.S - I guest posted on Abi's You've Got The Love series this week, so if you want a good laugh go take a look at my wedding hair. It's a beaut.