February 14, 2011


After asking 'how many sleeps now mum?' since her brothers birthday in October, Flo's birthday weekend finally arrived. Some time back in January i temporarily lost my marbles (no need for any jokes here, thanks all the same) and agreed to a party at The Zany Zone. Yes - it is totally as awful as it sounds, but I guess as soft play places go, it's not that bad - especially if you only invite people you actually know & their kids. So, that's what we did - and it was quite nice prepping the party for the most part (there was a day when Flo tantrumed for about 45 minutes over some sellotape not quite doing what she wanted it to) - but apart from that we had fun.

We made and filled seperate girls & boys party bags because one of the little demons boys told Flo he would not come if it was too girly - how lovely....

We made loads of cupcakes & a very special birthday cake for the girl of the moment. Even if i do say so myself - it tasted amazing!

The party itself seemed to be a success - loads of running, yelling, laughing and eating was done and i don't know whether it was the fact that I was continuously chanting "it's almost finished, you're nearly there" over & over in my head, or just the fact that it was a good party, but most kids left with a big smile on their little faces. Hurrah!

So, there we have it - Little Miss is 4!


February 13, 2011


OK, so i have actually been meaning to blog my pregnancy since I got my head round the idea & picked myself off up the floor (so, we're talking about late September i guess).... and low & behold, here I am a 33 weeks pregnant & the size of the moon, finally getting round to it.

So, August. August the 2nd to be exact & i felt different. It was a feeling i'd felt before - once in 2005 and once in 2006, but surely not again. Not after the year i'd had?! Not at this moment in my life where I didn't know whether I was coming or going?!? So, after an hour of convincing myself that there really was no way on this earth I could be pregnant, i decided to man up & go under cloak & dagger (Bath is a small place!) to the pharmacy.

Got home, and in 3 small minutes, our lives changed forever. Again!!


I found out pretty early on with this one, which had it's pro's & con's. We had a bit of a 'are we, aren't we' moment when I needed an early scan but it was too early to see anything. I had to wait 10 days before I was far enough along to go back. That was quite some wait.
Anyway, 10 days later & all was good & there the baby was, wriggling in the right place - talk about relief!

Now, I believe that as soon as I found out I started to show! Of course that's impossible so what was probably happening was I was actually giving myself licence to not breath in my tummy anymore & let myself relax. Even so, they say by the time you get to baby number 3 your body knows what to do - and mine seemed to not need any reminding. It remembered perfectly how to make me desire the very foods that would make me throw up moments later. It remembered perfectly how to make me sick for the whole day yet still seem to gain weight. It remembered how to sleeeeeeeeep for hours & hours & hours yet still feel like i hadn't done so for a week & it remembered really really well how to trick me into thinking my bladder was about to burst when actually, there was NOTHING in the friggin' thing.
 But with all this joy surrounding me (no, really I have loved it!) i still was proud enough of my pregnancy to get a few snaps of my growing bump. I kept telling the mister to CUT OFF MY HEAD but sometimes it did sneak on, so sorry about that!

Mid October - so about 15 weeks-ish

Almost straight away my citrus craving kicked in & all i could think about was lemons & limes. I was getting through about 20 lemons & 20 limes a week. It was exactly the same craving I had with Dexter, so naturally i'm having a boy, right?
This sight right here pretty much sums up my entire pregnancy and just looking at it now means i need to take a break & whip myself up a little lime juice & fizzy water!!

oh my! Bliss.

Early November - so approx 18 weeks 

19 week bump

21 weeks - just before my scan. 
Excuse the stupid expression on my face - you'd be better off concentrating on the bump in question. 

So - 21 weeks, the moment of truth GIRL or BOY?  It possibly comes as no suprise to the people that  know me, that I have not only one boy & one girl already, but I also have 1 calm chilled little fella & one hyped up miss mega-manic. To say Florence has been about 100 times harder to bring up and try to work out (epic fail so far) is an understatement. So when we heard the words "Looks like you're having another little girl" from the sonographer, a dark eerie silence fell on the room. I think i heard tears of fear well up in the misters eyes - around the same time as I heard a 3 year old Florence break that silence with "WELL SHE'S NOT HAVING ANY OF MY TOYS"
Irony is not a no smoking sign on your cigarette break Ms Morrisette, it's really needing a stiff drink the one time in your life you really should not have one! Please let this one at least sleep for longer than 90 minutes at a time waaaay before she is a year old. That would really help me out!

Mid December - so 24 weeks-ish. I've worn this same top with all 3 of my bumps.

25 week MASSIVE bump! Same size looks wise as I was full term with Flo 

30 weeks.

Which kind of brings me up to date - here's last weeks bump shot

She's currently 'too big' and the wrong way up, so we'll see what next weeks midwife appointment brings. She's a disco baby - and a total night owl, so i'm hoping with all her night time wriggles, she's working on her turn. Fingers crossed as i'm planning a home birth with this one, but they won't let me if she's still upside down! 

I'll blog the rest as i go....