November 25, 2011


We are off on a little relaxing break down to our favourite corner of Cornwall. Just for a few days we will relax, sleep in, eat nice food, drink nice wine, catch up with friends & enjoy some sea therapy. We visit the same cottage every year, but we've never been this far out of season before. For me, that kind of takes the pressure off a little bit, not having to jam-pack every day with activity. This time we can just all be together, chilling out, and i've got a feeling i'm going to need a fair bit of chilling out considering the stress that is packing up for a family of 5! The photie above is just my change bag, the stuff I cart about daily (tell me about it!) let alone what i need for 5 nights! I actually took it a while ago for a different post, but just found it as I was emptying my camera ready for the trip.

See you all soon, when i'm rested & ready for Christmas!

November 14, 2011


It's got to the time of year where blogging for me has become a little bit like the last thing I have time to do. Oh you know how it is; shorter days with the same amount of stuff to get done, cold evenings snuggled on the sofa with arms refusing to vacate the warmth of the throw to get on the 'puter and then of course, arrrgh - the start of the dreaded Christmas shopping taking up every spare thought in my brain along with every spare hour in my day.
Strangely though (!), i still manage to find time to have a quick peek at my fave blogs. Normally this happens most mornings after i've checked the news & fed the kiddos. It's just my way of starting my day - alongside 3 cups of coffee!
One of the blogs i love to check in on all the time is one i've mentioned on here before - Buggy & Bean and when I first decided I was going to do this Blog Crush idea as a regular thing I thought 'well, I can't do Amy's again' after my mum in the shot post where I gushed about her just a little bit... but THEN I SAW THIS and then THIS and oh my - i just had to keep on click click clicking her blog links to all the fab & a-maz-ing parties she has hosted & posted.

It's not just her fabulous partying skills I love this blog for obviously (!), it's the whole feel of it which makes you smile, and as a mum makes me think "yep, i get you". It's a lovely thing to read Amy's parenting journey, which sits alongside in perferct harmony with her artistic & creative flair and above all, her cracking sense of humour, which as a dry Brit, i get perfectly *wink* ha!

I fall in love with blogs all the time, and for so many different reasons, but Buggy & Bean is the first one I want to shout about. This blog's got it going on - you'd be a crazy to not jump on it! Enjoy x