February 28, 2013


On Monday of this week, I was lucky enough to join the very lovely Fritha, Abi and Nell for a day out at the Thermae Spa. I've lived in Bath since Florence was 8 weeks old and in all those 6 years I've never once visited (I know, crazy). So after a frantic school run and one huge buzerko tantrum from India, I was more than ready to chill out and have some child free time amongst new friends.

The spa was / is just beautiful and as soon as I stepped into those hot mineral waters i knew i wanted to stay there for well, days actually! Again, why have i not been before?! 
Within minutes of our guided tour ending, we were relaxing in the indoor pool area chatting about everything and anything from embarrassing waxes (me) Bath rugby team (Abi) and having more babies (er, definitely not me). I'd not actually met Fritha or Nell previously, yet it was instantly as comfortable a vibe as if i was there half naked with my closest and oldest girl friends (it's a funny experience meeting someone for the first time in just your cozzie)...

After we had taken a dip on the rooftop pool we headed to the most amazing steam rooms i have ever been in. Each was infused with a different aromatic essence which I'd never experienced before. It was exhilarating and I can now say I'm a big fan of the eucalyptus mint room - heaven!
Believe it or not, all that time spent doing little more than floating and sitting is in fact hungry work (no, really!) so the three course meal we were treated to did not disappoint. The red snapper I ordered as a starter was so so good and it was a nice treat to have a little glass of wine too. Ladies who lunch eh?  How decadent!

So, all in all an amazing day in this beautiful city with some lovely ladies is just the sort of day I needed and I can tell that the spa is going to be my new favourite thing to do!

This is a sponsored post but as always all opinions honest and my own (I'm clever like that).
This place really is that awesome!

February 24, 2013

24.02.13 | PANZANELLA

Panzanella is my new favourite thing. It's a salad (no, really?!) so of course I'm going to love it for that reason alone, but what's extra great about this salad is that it is so versatile. 
Panzanella is a classic Italian salad made using stale bread and although the recipe combinations vary from region to region, this one has to be my fave at the moment because of its simplicity & its ability to sit happily along side anything... 
You want some grilled chicken with it? Go for it! 
What about a nice piece of pan fried sea bass or some salt & pepper prawns? Now you're talking! 
Hey, you could even go all kinds of crazy and have grilled chicken AND some spiced up couscous like I did three times this week. Yes, count them - THREE! 
You could do all of those things, but this bold and punchy salad will make you just as happy eating it on it's own because it is that good.

Go on, get some PanZan in your life!

February 22, 2013

22.02.13 | FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE

1. With Flo's craft party this weekend, this from design sponge was worth it's weight in GOLD!
2. Wow. Just WOW!
3. I've always wanted to be able to and find the time to do this and now I can (but probably won't).
4. We fancy making some bath bombs. I like the look of these in particular.
5. If there was a chance in hell I could walk in these I'd never take them off my feet.
6. Next week I'm going to try & breathe some life into my limp hair with this!
7. Do you know Steph? Turns out not only does she write a fab blog which you should pop by but i used to work with her mum! Small world eh?
8. How's this for a cute free printable? Consider it printed!
9. This salad is how I want to be living.
10. Every. Single. Week.

Happy Weekend folks! Keep warm, it's going to be a cold one!

February 18, 2013


It happened. I found myself in a food rut. 

Yup, I'm in a big fat food rut & i hate it.

I just don't know what to make at the moment and all I seem to hear myself saying is "who fancies tacos tonight?!"
I blame the weather or the Winter more specifically. There is no love lost between me and this season and I get so tired of its cold and selfish demands for gravy based stodge. I don't want a plate of mash. I don't want a stew and I really don't want a roast dinner...

I need some sun.
I need some Spring! 
I need some inspiration.
I need to once again go crazy eating fresh, zingy salads or hot & spicy grilled foods. I want to stand around in other peoples gardens with a Corona in my hand and a big plate full of veggie burgers, salads and a good old slaw...

So, I went searching and I found me a brand spanking new slaw. Hurrah! It's similar to the one Sir J of O makes to go with his Happy Cow burgers, but I fancied a little green in mine so I added some coriander and a little seasoning into the mix. 
I really love this slaw as it's simple stuff, it's healthy and it was a big hit with the kiddos during half term. That's a lot of boxes it managed to tick and as an added bonus, it makes you feel like Spring is just around the corner and that is exactly how I want to be feeling right now...

Go on, get a spring in your step!

February 15, 2013

1. I LOVED seeing behind the scenes of this cook book.
2. By the time you read this, I will have eaten 20 of these. Don't judge.
3. This snowball cookies recipe film is the sweetest :)
4. I found this article on skincare & switched my routine up. I'm 100% converted!
5. I'd love this above my bed.
6. I adapted this fish taco recipe last night. Awesome is an understatement!
7. Need reminding about being green? This lovely post will do it.
8. I missed part one so i'm off to check it out, but part two is good...
9. Not just for Valentines, this kids craft is super cute!
10. Pahahaha!

Have a good weekend x

February 13, 2013


I thought i'd use this wet and windy Wednesday to do a little catch up. Not that there's that much to talk of, January and February are pretty rubbish. These are my least favourite months of the whole year actually and it always feels like such an enormous battle to get through them. Every time I look out of the window it's the same: rain, white sky, blowing trees and just general grim. If I could sum up these two months in just one word it would be 'meh'

Meh meh meh meh meh.

January was also a bit shit for other reasons too though, like ending up at A&E at 4am on a hefty dose of Morphine.  I had an another attack and whilst they tried to fob me off with gas & air in the ambulance (i was about as happy about that as when they give it you in labour), once my heart rate went crazy-mental & I hyperventilated, Morphine it was. I have never been so poorly and it was something I hope to never ever experience again. The docs are still un-sure whether it was an attack which triggered something else or vice versa but whatever it was, it was terrifying. I'm even considering going back on the waiting list to have a cholecystectomy  but i just don't know yet, i've many things to consider before I make that decision. One things for sure though this didn't help according to my doc. Because of my condition, I have to follow a super strict low-fat diet (which I manage) and being vegan didn't work too well for me. I've re-introduced chicken and fish back into my diet and that seems to be OK and i feel back on track. I guess you could say i'm a vegan that eats chicken and fish (that's a polo-pescitarian if you want to get a bit twatty about it) i'm just to go easy on the avocados, oils, seeds & nuts. Those are the things that really piss my gallbladder off. 
So, i tried it (loved it for the most part) but at this point in my life (with my bitchy gallbladder in tact) Veganism can't be for me. 
No biggie though, it's all good!

February 11, 2013


When I stopped eating red meat back in 2011 I knew that as a mum of three, i was going to need some sort of spag bol substitute at some stage. I gave soya mince (in a few different recipes) a whirl but if i'm brutally honest it was never that great. I needed, or rather my kiddos demanded, a spaghetti bolognese that tasted like spaghetti bolognese (tsk, the cheek of it) and thankfully the one I found in my trusty bashed up old copy of Leon Book Two did just that! Boom!
This spag bol is perfect, it's much MUCH lower in fat than the traditional beef version, it's super rich and there are never any leftovers when I serve it up. It also freezes well, and it's a recipe every meat eating mama needs. I promise you that you that if you love spag bol, you will love this. It's simple, honest family grub at its best...

February 08, 2013

2. I want this hair upon my heed.
3. I fancy wearing this chevron maxi with a neon yellow belt.
4. The food styling & photography on this blog post blows my mind. I could look at it forever.
5. Ahhhh, this valentines day card is the best *spins around on a hill in a nuns get up*
6. Do you follow Deb? She's one of my favourite pinners ever! And she writes an awesome blog...
7. What a lovely post about little Wilf from lovely Fritha :)
8. I'll be serving this popcorn up at Flo's party for sure! How pretty??
9. Give me a winter salad over a roast dinner any day...

Happy weekend friends! Have a good one xxx

February 07, 2013


WOW! You guys......
I am so so happy (and completely shocked & stunned) to have been nominated in the BEST FOOD BLOG and the BEST FAMILY LIFE BLOG categories for the first stage of the THE MAD BLOG AWARDS! Woah!
 Dizzy Loves Icy has really grown over the past year and I'm thrilled that you enjoy coming here as much as I do - hurrah and long may it last! If you enjoy the blog, and fancy adding to our nomination stats then you can do so here!

Thank you xxxx

February 06, 2013


Do you know, February is my least favourite month. Not because I'm scarred by valentines days gone by as an awkward teenager, where the postie only ever delivered cards sent by my mother (no, I'm over that - it's fine honestly).
No, the reason I hate February is because how miserable it makes everything look. I mean it really feels like the bleak mid-winter here at the moment and it's GRIM.
The sky is constantly white. The trees look like they should only ever be present in Tim Burton's brain and all I want to do is sit and juggle salt & vinegar crisps into my mouth at record breaking speed. I know it's not acceptable and I know Pringles have no place in any month other than Decemeber, so i've been making these kale chips instead.
Oh my, they are good! They are so good that one batch is never enough. When I'm scoffing these down, I feel lucky that kale is one of my favourite things ever and I'm happy that I can eat these to my hearts content because they are actually GOOD for me! Whoo hooo, how often does that happen?

Try making them for you're kiddos packed lunch - i bet they'll love them...

February 01, 2013


1. I'm loving checking out what looks Theo's been rocking lately! Seriously CUTE :)
2. Check out Sarah's further adventures in T-Shirt painting. This has been my fave so far!
3. Want an easy peasy instagram DIY? Sorted.
4. Super ideas for super sirachia!
5. I'm currently experiencing 'death by dress shopping' for a wedding. What about this one?
6. Maybe this plate will be the one my hub chooses to replace the one he broke this week?!  
7. Five Years! Wow! Five years of one of my favourites...
8. I'm drinking insane amount of Teapigs tea at the moment. The Liquorice & mint is my fave, but i want to drink them all!
9. I love Gina. She makes me laugh and she drinks cabbage. In awe / blog crush / girl crush...