January 29, 2013

Hello! I need to take a little breather as Friday night I suffered the mother of all Gallstone attacks and ended up being whisked away in an ambulance at 4am. It was horrific and according to my GP almost definitely down to my recent diet change (more on that soon). It's not a experience I want to have ever again - I was tachycardic, I was hyperventilating so much I could not move my arms and well, I'll spare you the rest (no, really!) but my body and mind need a few days to just 'be'. So, I'm going to spend the time reading, getting early nights, drinking water, drinking way too many cups of various tea pigs and watching back to back episodes of Parenthood!

Thank you for your patience, and I'll see you all very soon!


January 25, 2013


1. I am OBSESSED with this US TV show! How have I only just discovered it?
2. This is basically how I'd like to dress every day.
3. I'm on the look out for a juicer so I can drink my kale. Any tips on which one to get?
4. WOW! Talk about a pretty cool way to send out save the date cards!
5. I'm thinking of making some number versions of these for India's 2nd birthday. Aren't they fab?!
6. Forever a stationary geek, I'm loving this range.
7. Do you know of the Harvard Sailing Team? I am a mahoosive fan...
8. Oh my goodness. I want to eat this RIGHT NOW!
9. I found this jumper and thought it looked like a knitted version of my blog!

Happy Weekend Friends x

January 24, 2013


Even when it's really chilly out and the snow is slowly melting and almost decapitating you as it falls off of shop rooftops (yes Mr Sainsbury's, I'm talking to you), I STILL do not want a roast dinner. I'm sorry, and I know that I deserve to be carted away by the men in white coats for saying this out loud but I just don't like them. Christmas dinner? Fine, I'll carve a turkey nut roast with the best of them and if you're nice to me I'll even source out a really awesome way to make sprouts edible, but EVERY WEEK? No thanks. I'm just not a 'meat and two veg' kind of girl and I guess the ideal winter food for me would be.... um, tacos and well....tacos, but apparently man can not live on tacos alone (try me) so I had to find something else. I hit the jackpot when made this Winter Bruschetta at the weekend because it was gorgeous and so comforting and i recommend it 100%, if you're in the market for something crunchy, flavoursome and good for you (it is still January). Yes! This is the one for you...

January 21, 2013


It did snow and I will be posting pics of my lot having fun in the snow! Of course I will - i am a lover not a hater :)

and one of a little lady mesmerised by her waking up to her first snow. She sat saying "WoW, White" and kept pointing...

January 19, 2013


Do you have snow? We have snow - loads and loads of snow which is awesome because we never usually get any. Normally, the whole country is banging on about how annoying snow is & how it's ruining their whole life whilst we just sit here praying for even a little sprinkling. Well, this time it's our turn & even though I almost broke my neck this morning at 8am on the way to swimming lessons, i will NOT moan about it because snow is brilliant. The whole place looks beautiful, the kids are so happy that they could pop & the quiet tranquility it brings is so so welcome when you live smack bang in the middle of a busy city. So, yes I 100% love snow.
Obviously with all this random talk from me about the weather, I am of course seamlessly linking you up to the perfect meal for a snow day. Butternut squash & bean jamba stew (try saying that after one glass too many) is what your tummy wants and needs. It's inspired by Jambalaya which i love so i'm super chuffed to have a really excellent vegan one to turn to now. Score! 
It's lovely, you should try it.

January 18, 2013


1. How good does this veggie burger look? I'll definitely be trying that this week.
2. Check out this new to me blog, the little red house. I love it!
3. Winter mood lifters! Noted.
4. I'm about to paint my table with chalkboard paint & now this makes it even more fun!
5. My friend Abi got a new job in an awesome place! Congrats (& I wanna pop in for a cuppa!)
6. I read this round up this week & i want to do them all...
7. Do you need help in getting the right shot? Just remember these top tips ;) HAHA!
8. We are turning a boring old cupboard door into this fab magnetic D.I.Y this week.
9. Fried Chickpeas? Sounds strange, looks amazing...
10. True.  You know it...


January 17, 2013


Hands up who remembers Christmas? 
Do you know how I remember Christmas? I mean aside from the fact that it is only January 17th? 
Well, it's not because of the million new teeny weeny new Lego pieces i have to dig out of my bare feet constantly & it's not because my husbands bottle of Baileys is STILL sat in the sodding fridge. No, it's because Christmas is still happening here. Yup, Christmas is still sitting here big, loud and very proud ON MY THIGHS.
These jeans? Painful. My joggers? Bliss. My appetite? Enormous. 
Something had to give, so I made these. 
And they were delicious, so I'm happily sharing them with you safe in the knowledge that it is fine to eat chips in January. I made two batches, one with one less tsp of polenta and both worked well and were devoured within minutes!
Now, if i could only skinny up some hash browns....

January 15, 2013


Flo will be SIX (say, what?!) this February 14th & this year she wants a craft party with a valentines day theme. So, she's having six of her little friends to come party and with the help of some willing family members we're going to help them create some (hopefully) lovely things to take home with them. At the moment I'm frantically pinning like a mad woman and trying to get some things sorted in advance. I've started planning the favours for the party bags with these make your own necklace cards from Alexis being made tonight (i can't wait to do this). Already the food lists are being drawn up - of course they are, this is me..  and on that note actually how easy are cake pops to make? I've never made them, or had any desire to either but i think they'd be good for the party? Bear in mind what a shockingly awful baker I am before you answer that though...

So, wouldn't you know planning a party can actually be quite fun & that's coming from the mother who normally hates this process. That might possibly be due to the fact that we've been to the sodding Zany Zone for parties every year bar one so i'm not going to beat myself up too much about my lack of Alsopp-ness just yet. Thankfully, it looks as if this party might actually be one that doesn't have me wanting to lie in a dark room drinking gin for weeks afterwards. Here's hoping...

Sources all from Pinterest:

January 13, 2013


I love the light in India's room early in the morning.
Someone caught sight of her big brothers chocolate spread toast. So, i gave her some and this face happened. Happy much?
The mister and I feasted on some super skinny baked fries. Heavenly is the only word...
The mornings are freezing at the moment. Freezing & very sunny.
We went to the Sunday market at The Tobacco Factory.
The big kids shared some churros...
Action shot!
I've loved this bridge since I was a little girl. Clifton is a pretty lovely place!

January 11, 2013


1. I was super stoked this week to be included in Britmums January Foodie Round Up! YAY!
2. We had a variation on these sloppy joes last night. Recipe coming soon :)
3. I saw this today and thought of you Charlotte.
4. Oh WOW! I love this... and I WILL be doing this...
5. My waistline needs this to happen. As of yesterday.
6. This from Alexis of Something I Made has to be one of the best things I've seen in ages. Amazing!
7. This Kitchen? Pretty much my ideal.
9. This is such a good idea (& i want those boots. I have a bit of a thing for boots...)
10. Ha!

See you next week friends! Mwah x

January 06, 2013


When I was deep in thought about whether to jump into Veganism or not, one of the questions that kept cropping up was "but what about Mexican food, will there be enough choice for a vegan?" As you know, I'm a Mexican food nut and I am a total chilli addict, so the thought of Taco night being no more (or being replaced with some squash & rice combination) really made me think twice. I needed to find a good veggie / vegan recipe that I could turn to in those moments when my taste buds are literally crawling out of my mouth and buying a one way ticket to Cozumel.
So, i searched. And i searched & came up with very little that took my interest. Then on the hop, i randomly picked up a copy of BBC Vegetarian magazine (never bought before) & well, to say I got LUCKY when I found the recipe i'm about to share with you is an huge understatement! Once I'd tweaked it a little and added some of these pink pickled onions, it was like i'd never even had any Mexican food before. Well, nothing that tasted like this anyway. The flavours were out of this world, and the texture of the tosadadas - a dream! It was my actually first time making tostadas too and buy their own admission these are whoppers in size, but once i got used to the breaking up & scooping & scoffing, i was in food heaven. Again. And I feel blessed that this is still happening, as I was a little scared it wouldn't be if i'm honest. If you wanted to make this less faffy, then you could opt out of the pickled onion stage, but if you have time i'd really recommend you didn't as it's a huge part of the flavour experience here...

So, go on! Schedule this meal to happen this week because it's about to blow your mind!

January 04, 2013

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: 04.01.13

1. Happy New Year parents!
2. I know a certain 20 month old who would look SO cute in these. Infact, I adore the whole shop...
3. I really really love the work of Emily McDowell. Check her out!
4. You know how I enjoy a good before & after? Well this bedroom has me dreaming.
5. This DIY spice project simply HAS to happen to my kitchen. I just need an extra wall.
6. Congratulations to my lovely friend Lucy who had her first novel published yesterday!!!
7. Je t'aime indeedy :)
8. Do you have your 2013 calendar yet? No? You're in luck!
9. Was there ever a more perfect soup than this one from Smitten Kitchen? I'll be making it asap...
10. Never a truer word spoken.

Happy Weekending friends :)

P.S - I'm supporting my blogger bud Charlotte on her mission by spending January not being a total wine lush! You can sponsor her & help raise money for Cancer UK here!

January 03, 2013


Let's ring in the new year with something semi-healthy, semi-special and 100% lovely shall we? I mean it would just be cruel to jump straight into flipping ryvitas & water once January reared it's ugly head wouldn't it? Yes, that would indeed be very very cruel.
I made this dish lots over the festive period and it was always a winner with everyone. You can take it with or without the salsa verde, but in my opinion it worked better with it. Tons of it. I'm currently on the lookout for a good veggie salsa verde & until I find one i'm just going to look at this picture & dream of 2012. You on the other hand don't have to, so go on - dive in.