September 24, 2011


Finally got around to joining in with Bleubird Vintages Bits and Pieces this week. So here we go, enjoy!

1. Slipper Season. 2. Birthday Cards. 3. Stocks. 4. Dexter's note. 5. Saturday Morning lie in.

September 16, 2011


This last 2 weeks have been manic! Stupidly I thought i'd have more time once the kiddos went back to school, but no. I'm back & forth to those school gates like a flippin' boomerang as Flo is only doing mornings.  So, it's been ages since I blogged, or even took an interesting photo, or even done an interesting thing. I could blog about how much i'm ironing name lables into blue school uniform, but it's dull. Very dull. So instead i'll just witter on briefly about how fabulous my little miss Flo is doing at school! I think i've mentioned before about the nightmare year she has had at Pre-School in terms of leaving me, so the fact that she is literally S.K.I.P.P.I.N.G to school every day is amazing & lovely to see. Her teacher pulled me aside this morning to tell me what a lovely, kind & confident girl she is, and my heart melted just a little bit! Dexy is loving being one of the big year one guys - all grown up & doing brilliantly already. And, little miss Indi is now a big old eater! Well, kind of. By eater, i mean she's sucking veggie slop off of a spoon, but she loves it, and we love watching her hilarious faces as she tries something new for the first time! She is comedy gold... i've got some snaps of that on my other camera for another post.

So, that in a nutshell is the past 2 weeks here - here's just a couple pics. Enjoy x