December 31, 2013


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Hello! Did you all have a good Christmas?! 
We didn't *sad face* 
Yep, Christmas 2013 was a total washout and we were all sick. We seemed to take one day each in turn to ruin Christmas, it was such a shame. We had to postpone trips to see family and cancel things and it was all just a bit rubbish. Argh.
So, because of that, we are turning today / tonight into our Christmas night & NYE rolled into one. The plan is to have a nice big family buffet then get the little miss into bed by 7pm so we can relax with the older kids watching films, playing games & seeing if they can make it until Big Ben strikes! Who knows if they will or not - I doubt it very much considering Flo couldn't keep awake for the Dr Who special a month or so back - but we shall see. I'll be sneaking myself a few glasses of something sparkly because I'm attempting a six-month alcohol free zone, starting tomorrow! Yep, 6 months!! I'm looking forward to it actually because apart from three pregnancies, i don't think I've ever gone that long without a glass of something! Oooops!

I haven't made any other NY resolutions though, i just want to be a little healthier, read more and possibly take up a yoga class, because it's virtually impossible to practice at home these days with India hurtling about the place! So, that's in for us - I hope you have a lovely time this evening and I'll see you next year!!


December 24, 2013


It's almost here - ONE SLEEP!!!!!!

We are all mega excited here and looking forward to having a lovely couple of relaxing days, so I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Thank you all so much for your support in 2013, it's meant so much!

As one final post before the big day, I'm guest posting over on Tigerlilly Quinn where I'm sharing a delicious cranberry mulled wine recipe. Pop over and have a look if you get the chance, it's the perfect tipple for Christmas Eve!


December 23, 2013


So, who still has a few last minute gifts to get?! Luckily, this year i've been pretty good and all except a few small gifts are wrapped and either under the tree for certain grown-ups, delivered with love to relatives or are in the North Pole awaiting their final journey on Christmas Eve!
I even managed to remember the mister this year, and that's not always the case (ahem!) but this year I pootled along to and was able to create a rather nice Christmas box in one fair swoop full of items I know he'll love...

1. Luxury bath robe // 2. Burts Bees Mens Body Wash // 3. Los Pollos Hermanos Tee //
4. Sipsmith Gin // 5. Eat by Nigel Slater - all Amazon.

This is a sponsored post. Gift list curated by myself, with thanks to Halifax

December 22, 2013


When Dexy & Flo were both toddlers, some friends of mine introduced me to the fab tradition of sprinkling reindeer dust on the doorstep on Christmas Eve, to help the reindeer's find your door ;) 
The kids go crazy for this and it's a fun activity to do with them on Christmas Eve if they are going mad with excitement! I actually pre-made ours this year as I wanted it to be part of their advent calendars, so i took some pics & created a mini-D.I.Y post for you. Enjoy!

You will need the following:

All you need to do is combine the edible glitter and oats together into small clear bags. Seal with some pretty tape and attach your tags. It's that simple! You can then either print out or hand write your labels and if you want you can attach a poem on the reverse. 

It's cheap, it's cute & the kids love it. It's one of our favourite Christmas traditions and it can be a sweet little gift too.

Here's Dexy & Flo sprinkling theirs last year...

December 20, 2013


1. I am still so in love with The Selby. What can I say? I'm nosey!
2. Weekly flowers are one of my new years resolutions - partly because how much I've loved this series from Lou.
3. Look at this beautiful free holiday tags & wrap printables from oh happy day!
4. If I ever own my own cafe, it will have to look similar to this place. LOVE!
5. Yes. Yes, it blummin' well does. Overwhemled much?!

Wooooooah, today is kicking my ass! I have so much going on (like you're the only one Lia, quit moaning) that I don't even know where to begin.

I'm hoping to see you a couple more times before the big day next week as I have a last minute gift guide and a cute mini-DIY to share - fingers crossed I get around to them!

Have a good weekend folks! xox

December 16, 2013


It's really shaping up around here and everyone is so excited! This week will be full of present wrapping, carol services, parties with friends, parties at school, mince pies, mulled wine and as many Christmas songs as we can cram in, all topped off with a visit to Devon to visit family and celebrate my brothers birthday.

It's going to be a good one :)

December 13, 2013


1. This Christmas cocktail got me thinking...
2. I'm really glad I found these books.
3. Even though I loathed the whole 'Keep Calm' re-hash, I appreciate this!
4. Happening. Tonight!
5. I thought this looked really pretty.

Happy Weekend Folks - it's going to be a busy one here, even if we are all a little under the weather. 


December 11, 2013


I got an email recently asking me if I'd like to review a juicer, and it was possibly the fastest email I've ever responded to (apart from that time Philip Schofield tweeted me. Ha!)
Did I want a juicer? Yes, of course I did! I have wanted to treat myself to a juicer for years, but when you have 3 kids who need things like shoes, or Dr Who magazines, you become last on the list of who gets what, right?!
So, as soon as I could I headed to the Argos website to have a look at what was on offer. They have an great range of juicers to chose from, but I decided on this one because it was really important to me that it could juice whole fruit (I'm lazy), that it could tackle hard fruits & vegetables no problem and that it was a doodle to clean (again, lazy). It ticked all my boxes and this morning I made my first ever juice and it was awesome! With no chopping involved and easy cleaning afterwards, the whole juicing thing was wrapped within 10 minutes - which is good because I'd quite like to send Dexter & Flo off on a cup of this some mornings. Result!

Oh, and if you thought i was going to do my first ever juice post & not drink it from a mason jar with a stripy paper straw, then you were very much mistaken - even if it is so last year, dahling.


You will need:
- 1 bunch of kale
- 2 green apples (i used Granny Smiths)
- 3 large carrots
- 1 large handful of red grapes

Juice and serve over ice if required :)

I was sent a juicer to review. All words my own.

December 10, 2013


I'm loving the festive build up this year!

(Except from having a really awful throat and sinus infection. Grrrrr)

December 08, 2013


These things caught my eye this week:

this advent calendar, which is the best I've seen so far

December 06, 2013


1. Whoop! I learnt of a very cool shop just before Christmas.
2. Such a pretty Christmas wreath DIY.
3. We've subscribed to Anorak Magazine for the kids and can't wait for our first delivery :)
4. Teachers Christmas gifts? Sorted!
5. I'm winning no prizes for originality when I say that this is my favourite Christmas album!

Happy Weekend folks - wrap up warm!

December 03, 2013


This is and always has been my favourite Christmas song. I know it's a popular choice too!

So, for the fab month that is December i'll be sharing our favourite Christmas songs for Tuesday's Tune! 

Enjoy :)

December 02, 2013


For Dad - The Burger: because I feel guilty sometimes, filling this mad hungry carnivore up with kale and quinoa.

For Mum: Alphabet phone case: because black/white/bold font/A for Alia = no brainer with me.

For Dex - Aqua Dragons: because in the summer Dexter was gifted this from the people at Hobby Craft and he loved them (well all three of the kiddos did in actual fact!) He has been asking for it over and over again, so I snapped up some more for stocking fillers. What boy wouldn't like to breed his own pets - and the fact they are called sea dragons? Well, game over!!

For Flo: Hand warmers: because she's constantly wanting to be outside playing football, and for the 20 mile school run we all go through weekly. The fact they are in her favourite colour is a bonus!

For India: Balloon Powered Wooden Boat: because bath times and balloons are her two favourite things :)

December 01, 2013



November was MANIC.

I promise to be a much better blogger during December and not to be so terribly unorganised (and when I say unorganised, I mean it. I'm still putting the finishing touches to the kids advent calendars and it's December the first. See, i told you)

November 22, 2013


1. Bonkers Awesome is actually the perfect way to describe how I feel about Bonkers Awesome, the new series from Joy The Baker! YaaaaaY.
2. We have been taking annual holiday's in Crackington Haven since the big kids were teenies, so you can imagine how giddy I was when I saw this home tour on Apartment Therapy this week. What a lovely cottage!
3. I like the idea of making & giving these to some people for Christmas this year. You know I won't get around to it, but a girl can pretend, right?!
4. And because I just mentioned Christmas, I'm going for it now - Look ADVENT CALENDARS!
5. And wrapping paper inspiration!! Oh, come on - it's almost time to crack open the Bublé album (you know you want to...)

Have a good weekend folks!

November 20, 2013


Finally, it happened.

Finally, I got the urge to get back into my kitchen, turn the radio up, pour a huge glass of wine and make something new. This hasn't happened in ages and I've really missed it (and to be honest i was getting a little worried). Don't get me wrong, we have been eating (mainly tacos I'll admit) but I just haven't seen any recipes that I was desperate to give a go - until the other night. I pulled down my Kitchen & Co book again & whipped up their veggie chilli. It's bloody good, and the way they recommend you serve it with wraps, fresh guac and salads was awesome. 
When i'm testing out a new recipe, I like to do as I'm told the first time around and this time it really paid off. It was like a burrito / chilli mash-up and one I'll be making until the cows lentils come home (see what I did there? Genius).

This is perfect winter grub, ideally eaten in front of a roaring fire. All together now, "ahhhhhhh".

November 19, 2013


It's all change round here and to say it's bittersweet, is an understatement. You see, we are going through probably the last bedroom switch around since we moved here almost 7 years ago as a then family of four from London. Dexy is eight now and feels a little too old to be sharing with his sister and to be honest, India needs to get out of that damn cot (I know, i know - it's called 3rd child syndrome) and Flo? Well, Flo just needs a high bed and so we are doing the great switcheroo this weekend.
I'm really sad about it though. This is how it's going to be from now on; there's not going to be any more babies, big old Dexter will now have his own big boys room and the girls will be entering a massive new chapter. At the moment they are 2 and 6 which is going to be everything from cute to god damn noisy, then eventually (i hope) sharing clothes, make-up, gossip, stories about boys, secrets from mum etc etc. I hope I'm not being terribly naive and in actual fact a 10 and a 14 year old or a 12 and a 16 year old in the same room is going to be nothing short of hell on Earth.... oh god, what have we done?!?!

OK - time for something positive - OUR NEW ROOM! Yippppppeeeee!

I don't like our current bedroom, lets be honest here. My bed is FAB and MASSIVE but the rest of the room has about as much style as me circa 1992 when I was trying to be Blossom. We have a royal blue carpet which was left over from the Dexy baby days and white walls. OK, that's not awful I know and in actual fact it will be perfect for the girls because one of them at least is a die hard Chelsea fan, but that carpet for us? No thank you! Same goes for my bed linen actually, which i attempted to match to the carpet in a moment of "Wow! Look, this is only £3.99" Ikea insanity.

So, I'm planning and pinning like crazy. The mister has been working like a trooper on re-configuring the loft space (we took out the en-suite) and painting all the never-painted-before wood work and it's starting to look fresh and bright and spacious. He's laying some rich mahogany flooring at the weekend and then I get to have some fun, making our forever bedroom space beautiful. Above are some ideas of calm, clutter free spaces, and some idea for some wall art. What do you think?

*collage created from various images found via pinterest

November 18, 2013

18.11.13 | FOR ALL OF US: TOPS

For Dad: Tokyo 63 from Jakes
For Flo: Embellished Sweater from Boden

I am forever getting ideas for Christmas presents, Birthdays or just wardrobe updates when needed, which is all the time with Dexy who never seems to stop growing; yesterday, i got him a few tee's and had to get size 10-11, the boy is *just* 8). Anyway, i can never remember when or where I saw said items, because i'm pretty forgetful. So, gathered up there notebook stylee, are my top picks of tops around at the moment, one for each of us.

Hope you like them!

November 17, 2013

17.11.13 | LATELY

Here's what this past month or so looked like:

We took a trip to the sea life center in Brighton.

November 15, 2013


1. I love this calendar from Etsy. Fonts - can't stop, won't stop!
2. Brandy is my favourite pinner at the moment and her blog is one of my favourites.
3. Ha! Chris Hadfield makes me laugh again! Movember - get on it guys!
4. It's all about the cosy..... Zzzzzzz
5. Sidesaddle Kitchen is my fave place to be at the minute. I made this smoothie for my breakfast today.

and because i'm far too impatient to wait until Tuesday, this:

November 12, 2013


image: pinterest

Blah Blah Blah.- that's my warning to you!

Turn away now if you don't enjoy a good old bit of ranty incoherent babbling from a 34 year old blogging mum of three who cooks good grub from her tiny kitchen - because in blogging terms, that is simply who I am.

This old blog of mine, what is it now, 4 years old? Well, I say 4 years old but really that's when i started it, back when in actual fact I had no idea what a blog was. I just saw it as a place to store all my badly taken photos of my (then two) toddlers because I hated Facebook (still do a little bit) and I thought Dizzy Loves Icy would be a nice little corner tucked away for basically my mum to go to and see pictures of the kids without having to update my Facebook every 5 minutes.

Then, I forgot about the blog really and couldn't be arsed and it was like that for about a year  until I was lolling around on the sofa suffering from Flu and preggers with India that I stumbled across this whole world of bloggers out there who were documenting everything from pregnancy to fashion to food and interiors! I was in heaven and spent hours looking through them all. Some of them have folded, some of them I've grown out of and others I still adore to this day and it was those bloggers that inspired me to get a little more creative and pay more attention to my own little space. I used to, and still do read some of the main players as well as lots of smaller blogs i'm discovering on a daily basis,which is lovely, but sometime's I don't really know where I fit in in this whole blogging world, reasons which i'm sure will become apparent (grrrrr!)
I don't make regular money from my blog for a start, I mean I occasionally get sent products to review or recipes to try, or I get asked to write articles for people in return for a cash fee or product but at this moment in time, in no way do I consider this blog a job or a business. I'm babbling now but just before the summer months, i suspect after I wrote a couple of paid posts, i received a ('less than charming' shall we say) email from someone saying how they didn't think it was right how I was using my blog to  'pimp' out my kids as a way to make money (errr, wtf?) To say this made me gasp is an understatement - don't get me wrong, it didn't upset me (bitchy comments tend to not do that, sorry if that was the reaction you were hoping for) but it did make me think. I showed the short but blunt email to some friends, discussed it with others and wondered if that's how I was coming across? I had actually thought that since my gallbladder turned all nasty on me and i had to dramatically change my eating habits, my blog had gone more down the food route - something I was ok with. I was using it to take pictures of my food, to share recipes and to fulfil what had become a new found hobby. Ironically, I was actually worrying that people would think that I'd 'lost interest' almost in blogging about the kids and I actually felt guilty every time I hadn't blogged about a day trip we'd taken or updated the kids pages for a while. Not in my wildest dreams did think that someone would think the complete opposite and actually accuse me of using them to get money. Urgh - hater's gonna hate i know, but man you suck! As if I would do that?! Make them do something they didn't want to do, or make them take part in something they were not intertested just to gain site traffic, or money?! As i have said before, sometimes my kids get asked if they would like such & such stuff as a gift and IF it is something I think they would enjoy THEN i MAY say yes - not always, but sometimes.
So what did prompt that person to email me that? Should I give a shit? I didn't reply to it, and I haven't mentioned it to this day on here, but recently i've been thinking about it again.
Should I change what i'm blogging about and how I'm doing it? Should I no longer post reviews if i'm asked? Should I no longer post things about the kids? I don't think I should change what i'm blogging about unless it's an organic process. I enjoy my food posts and I get lots of emails and comments relating to them and for every one of those, I am so grateful. I love that side of this blogging lark, i really do. I also feel so lucky for the love the many friends I've made both online as part of this community and locally who i catch up with regularly. I am also grateful for the various opportunities that it has opened up to me so far and hope it continues to do so in the future, as it grows or moves in whichever direction I see fit.

This place is where I blog about the stuff going on in my life. Simple. If i blog every day about food for  a week, then so be it. If i don't write about food ever again, then that's the way it is. If I share pics of our holidays or day trips or whatever, then great. We've had over 80,000 hits since I started blogging full time in at the start 2012 so some of you enjoy what I have to say and do you know what, even if i'd have only had 8 people look, i'd feel the same. This place is a happy place, and i'm happy to share it with you as long as you are happy to be here.  And if you're not happy to be here, then jeeeez - go somewhere else ;)

BTW - this was a long time coming! Sorry, rant over.

12.11.13 | TUESDAY'S TUNE

Oh c'mon, it's totally fine to cry at adverts - you're not made of stone!

November 10, 2013

10.11.13 | Mmmmmmmmm!

I get a lot of emails asking me to link to this, or link to that and some of it is just a little bland or boring or not really something I'm into, but this morning I got an email asking me to take part in a bloggers competition where you design your perfect dinner party menu! Now, considering food & recipe building is something I'm constantly thinking about, I thought I'd be mad not to give it a go.

Before we get down to the grub, can I first babble on about who exactly is coming to this perfect party? Of course I can:
I'm think I'm going to invite six guests because cooking for six is just on the border line of becoming a stress head and I really don't want to be stressed at my fantasy dinner party.
So, first up Guy Garvey. At first I was just going to have him sit in the corner singing but thought that a) that might be a bit weird and b) it's a bit of an insult as I quite like most of what he has to say.
Next to Guy I'm going to put Claudia Winkleman, partly because of her fringe, partly because of her eye make up, but mostly because I actually want to be her.
I'm also going to invite Liza Tarbuck because I love her - have done since The Big Breakfast days and she can go and plonk herself down next to Ricky Gervais, because I can't take all the responsibility of being the only comedic genius at this party. Actually, I'd like to pull Ricky up about tripping me up once outside the newsagents on Newman Street and not saying sorry. Tsk!
Team those guests with Mark Ruffalo (mainly to look at, I'll admit) and Stephen Fry (because who wouldn't?) and we're in for a right old treat!

So, now for the whole point of this post - the FOOD! My idea of the perfect dinner party is of one that's relaxed, informal, with nice low music, lots of good wine and food heavy on flavour & low on faff. As a go to when we have family and friends over for food, it's almost always Mexican so this time i thought I'd shake it up a little with a rustic, Italian feast, in the way of:

On arrival
apricot bites with goats cheese and toasted almonds

To Start
Mozarella bruschetta with rocket drizzle

Main Course
Scallops with saffron potatoes and blood orange salsa

To Finish
Brown sugar meringues with red wine plums

All washed down with some good wine & i imagine, excellent conversation!

Now wouldn't that be nice?

November 06, 2013


(as in, these things caught my eye this week)

this mash-up of Nancy & Lana

November 05, 2013


Because it's Tuesday!!

it's scary that this was out in 1993! I was 13!

November 02, 2013


Well hello there! It's been ages hasn't it?

 (no one noticed i was gone? oh.)

It's been half term here & it's been a busy one. We've been away, we survived storm St Jude (why do they name them?) I made stressful Minecraft pickaxes for the big kids Halloween costumes and I've consumed my body weight in pickle (not pregnant). We also ate at the most amazing Thai street food cafe, but more on that another time because what I'm here to talk to you about today is Spicy Chickpeas - lucky you! This Indian dish is my new favourite thing to make and eat and because i'm really good at sharing, I'm spending my Saturday morning typing all this out for you. You really need to make it (not just because this is taking ages to get down) but because it's bloody lovely and generally wolfed down by all. Except if you're called India, then you won't eat it because you never eat anything.

October 26, 2013

26.10.13 | LIFE BY INSTAGRAM // 1

1// Dexter completed his first term at Junior School.
2// I made some awesome roasted salsas.
3// India got even crazier.
4// Part sofa, part human.
5// Flo started playing football for Bath under 7's.
6// We watched a lot of Breaking Bad.
7// We took a day trip to Wales to see Dr Who for Dexter's 8th Birthday.
8// I took this picture mid October.
9// First independent school project.
10// Flo kindly made me this One Direction poster. Thanks!
11// Testing out a new sushi take away. 
12 // The back of the Pitt & Cue cookbook is amazing!

October 25, 2013

25.10.13 | FIVE FINDS

1. Alexis, i LOVE your home - i don't think i'll ever tire of this type of post.
2. If the day comes that I can actually find a hair clip then i'm doing this. All of it.
3. Mole, mole, mole, mole (sang to the tune of Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs)
4. I want this bag. That is all.
5. Too early? I'm wrapping that way this year!

Right, i'm off - have a good weekend y'all (yep, i'm still majorly into Breaking Bad)


October 22, 2013


Woah! Blast from the past! This was the only cassette I had with me to play on my walkman when I came to Bath age 16 for work experience on The Bath Chronicle. I must have listened to it a thousand times, but I still love it. I think it was number one when Take That split up? (Why would my brain remember that?!) Anyway, it's this week's Tuesday's Tune - enjoy!

October 18, 2013

18.10.13 | FIVE FINDS

1. This is the most adorable little costume D.I.Y that I've ever seen!
2. These diaries in my friend Fritha's shop have found their way onto my wish list. Way too cute!
3. Sometimes I see a recipe that makes me scream **** **** and **** ** at my computer screen. This did that.
4. I'm pretty damn sure I'll be getting this for India this Christmas but then everything in that shop is awesome!
5. In my dreams I sit in my joggers, eat these and watch Breaking Bad all day long (Season 4? Woah!)

Oh and before I go - I just want to say a big thank-you to Tracy at Shutterbean for linking up my Banana & Maple Granola :)

Happy Weekend Folks!

October 16, 2013


(these things caught my eye this week)

This xmas tree. 
I know my husband going to be 100% fine with me tacking driftwood and fairy lights into his newly plastered & painted walls.

October 14, 2013



So, here's a healthy nutriuous snack for you all to ease you back into this drizzly pissy Monday morning.

Peanut Butter / Sugar / Golden Syrup or in other words / yep / oh yes / omfg gimme.

(Relax, you can't drink green smoothies and nibble on kale chips all your life, right? Erm, i think we're meant to...)

I made these and vowed to never make them again as they are just too addictive. I'm not even meant to eat peanut butter but my crazy brain decided that if I did get sick then it would have been ok, because WOW these beauties are so worth it.

If you don't like peanut butter then I guess you left already, but if you do then welcome to my party! Lets dance (and eat) like no-ones watching.

October 07, 2013

07.10.13 | THE DAILY GRACE

You know how i'm always on it? Y'know, like I'm so current? What do you mean you didn't realise that? Well I am, and because I am I just discovered Grace Helbig who has been being funny all over youtube since 2008 (finger on the pulse).

Anyway,  like I just said she's funny, like really funny.

Go on, go and lol.

P.S - her sexy 911 vid is hilarious.

October 04, 2013

04.10.13 | FIVE FINDS

1. This gin cocktail intrigued me no end this week. I owe it to my puzzled mind to put it out of its misery immediately.
2. There are some awesome printables out there if you look - i love these ones from Paper Coterie.
3. I'm glad Sinéad did this.
4. I'm still dreaming about the amazing bread they bake at Gail's Bakery. The rosemary & potato sour dough is the best bread I've ever eaten (I eat A LOT).
5. I think this was my favourite pin this week. 

Happy Weekend Folks!

October 01, 2013


Gosh, this is beautiful. Her voice is like velvet.

September 30, 2013


Well, I'm pretty sure that I have to accept that Autumn is here. I was really hesitant for the summer to end as it was so lovely, but now that it's getting cooler and the nights are drawing in, I'm kinda loving it. I think Autumn for a lot of people means time for more baking, but I am a terrible baker and can't bake a cake or a muffin to save my life. As you know I love to cook but I really do not love to bake - unless it's something quick & super simple, like granola. I know, I know - making a batch of granola isn't technically baking, but it's as close as I'm planning on getting.

The idea is that I will make a huge batch of granola on a Sunday, and it will feed us for the week. It's one of a few new habits I'm trying to get into in order to make the crazily busy week run a little smoother & so far it seems to be working, but more on that later (like how I'm almost dying on a daily basis doing the 30-day shred). 

For now though, try to erase that mental image of me bouncing around in my living room like an uncoordinated hippo and just enjoy this banana-ry maple-ly goodness in all it's glory. (I know those aren't real words...)

September 29, 2013


this place, which only sells mac & cheese

September 22, 2013


Let me share this really lovely salad we had a lot over the summer. It's simple, fresh and flavoursome and perfect for a weekend lunch. You could switch the leaves up if you're not too keen on the peppery watercress, i think baby leaf spinach would work well. The key to this is the marinating time, so make sure you let it sit for at least an hour.

September 17, 2013

17.09.13 | BLUR - TENDER

Blur - Tender

When I hear this, I'm 19 years old sitting in the beer garden of the pub opposite uni (the castle?) with daisies in my hair, drinking a pint of Guiness. 

I love this song.

September 16, 2013


(These things caught my eye this week)

this vintage poster

September 15, 2013


You have to check out this video!
It's from the brother of my oldest friend Kelly and to say he is a mind blowing magician is an understatement. 
(turns out that annoying kid who used to wind me up constantly about trying to look like Blossom is the best magician I have ever seen, EVER!)

Take a look - it is amazing, i promise!

You can also check out his website here.

September 13, 2013


1. I wish I could make a cluttered kitchen look as stylish as this.
2. These need to make an appearance on my feet as soon as I hit 34.
3. I love this series from Alexis and I especially love Pauline's kitchen in the most recent post. More please!
4. These look divine. It's completely unfair that I'm currently on a major health kick. Meh.
5. I think my husband can relate to this. It's too true!

Happy Weekend folks!

September 12, 2013

12.09.13 | THE SUMMER THAT WAS 2013

Here is what summer 2013 looked like:

The weather wasn't always good, but most of the time it was awesome.