October 14, 2013



So, here's a healthy nutriuous snack for you all to ease you back into this drizzly pissy Monday morning.

Peanut Butter / Sugar / Golden Syrup or in other words / yep / oh yes / omfg gimme.

(Relax, you can't drink green smoothies and nibble on kale chips all your life, right? Erm, i think we're meant to...)

I made these and vowed to never make them again as they are just too addictive. I'm not even meant to eat peanut butter but my crazy brain decided that if I did get sick then it would have been ok, because WOW these beauties are so worth it.

If you don't like peanut butter then I guess you left already, but if you do then welcome to my party! Lets dance (and eat) like no-ones watching.

For 16 squares you will need:
recipe adapted from Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys

- 1 cup golden syrup
- 1/2 cup granulated sugar
- 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
- 1/2 cups salted peanut butter (smooth variety)
- 2 tsps pure vanilla extract
- 4 cups Rice Krispies

And you will need to do this:

1. line a 9x13 inch baking tray with greaseproof paper and set aside.

2. Place large saucepan over a meduim heat and add the golden syrup and sugars. Stir well to combine and bring to the boil then remove from the heat.

3. Stir in the peanut butter and mix well to combine.

4. Quickly stir in the vanilla extract and the Rice Krispies mixing carefully, but well.

5. Spread into the lined baking tray and leave to cool completley before slicing into squares.

I stored ours in the fridge because I think they taste even better when chilled - it gives a slight bite to them.

Enjoy! Just not every day...


  1. i want these. right now. like right now with my coffee. please. pretty please.

    1. none left ;) They lasted an embarrassingly short amount of time!