July 17, 2011


Ahhh, i LOVE it when i'm introduced to something new. Finding a new interiors magazine, shop or design website feels like a treat & i literally obsess over it for ages. Well, you can imagine then my utter joy at discovering Pintrest - literally all my Christmases and birthdays have just arrived, smack bang & on my desktop - happy days!

Pintrest is where i can keep all the links to all the lovely things I see on the web & want to share on here and it's also where i get to swoon over pics of interiors from all over the planet. This week my obsession is kitchens!!
I LOVE a good kitchen, it is totally the heart of any house hold & just like that chappy in the Ikea add, you will always find me in the kitchen at parties. My kitchen is probably my favourite room in my house, and although it's not the largest kitchen in the world it's where i like to spend most of my day (& not only because i'm within close range of food, yadda yadda). In fact, if my kitchen was large enough to fit a sofa in, i probably would never leave. Currently my kitchen is powder pink, with a huge blackboard wall which the kiddos draw me lovely pics on, and I write endless lists. If I could, i would probably have a house full of kitchens..... and these lovely ones would all be in there.

sources:  one two three four

I love them all. Muchly. And I am so going to do that recipe idea at home.

Enjoy x