Hi, i'm Lia! Actually, I'm Alia Jean but for the past 15 years it's been Lia so we'll stick with that. This is my little blog where I babble on about my three little superkids Dexter (8), Florence (6) and India (2). It's where I share the food I make and where I create lists about all the lovely things I need to remember that i've found through the week. 

Dizzy Loves Icy started when I got really annoyed with Facebook one day back in 2009 and I wanted a place i could archive pics of the kiddos online for my family to see, and then about a year or so ago (early 2012) I started to use it as a place where I could also archive all my favourite recipes - it kind of became like a giant notepad and now I doodle at least a couple of times a week.

I hope you like coming here as much as I do, and feel free to drop me a line about anything to do with the blog. I can be found at lia@dizzylovesicy.co.uk

Oh & the name? That's because when Florence was learning to talk she used to call Dexy 'Dizzy' and for some bizarre reason she thought her name was Icy Gubbins. I know, she's a loon.