July 29, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, i picked up this book which is full of recipes for authentic Mexican grub. The first thing i decided on cooking up was these Spicy Bird Taco's and oh my, they were so good! I adapted Thomasina's recipe slightly because i hadn't made my own chipotles en adobo and i happened to have a tin of these ready made ones in my cupboard which my sister-in-law sent over from the States. Luckily, i've seen this brand creeping in a few shops this side of the pond lately, which is good good news!
So, do you fancy something sweet, smokey and spicy? 
Great - then these are for you!
We enjoyed ours with some home made pico de gallo and lashings of Cholula and the kiddos had the leftovers the following day in fajitas with some soured cream & grated cheese. Full smiles & full bellies all round. NOM.

July 28, 2012


This weekend we went to surprise my mum as she turned 51- Happy Birthday Mum!! 
My sister & nan organised a quiet little garden party where the sun shone, the children played & Dexter ate his body weight in chicken drumsticks... seriously, that boy can eat!
Mum had no idea any of us were hiding in the garden, so after some initial confusion where she looked right at me & said "who's that?" (er, that would be your daughter), she was thrilled to see us all!
We were unfortunately missing a few family members which was a shame, but hopefully next time everyone will be there as it really is special having everyone together. 
So, hooray for birthdays & hooray for beautiful weather.

July 27, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: this weeks findings...

1. Have you seen Beach Tomato? Ahhhh, beach life permanently.
2. I bought a load of Mexican food products from Otomi in Clifton this week. HOT!
3. Apparently this week is tequila week! I can't make it to Wahaca so my kitchen will have to do!
4. I laughed when I saw this print! I think i need it...
5. I could blow a small fortune on me me me, then it would be on Blur:21
6. I picked just up this street food revolution book for £3! Best £3 i ever spent.
7. I absolutely adore Gemma Ahern's home.
8. Remember that homemade ketchup i never made? Here's the french fries to go with it. In my dreams!
9. You can never have too many tips!
10. You need this massage bar mainly because you can use it as a moisturiser! Forget that it's called 'Honeymooners' and i sincerely hope that when you buy it, you are not subjected to a demo in store, using YOURSELF. That is the opposite of fun, trust me. Especially when the end of the demo is met with a wink, a smile and the words "and...it's edible". But don't let that put you off, i'm just unlucky.

July 25, 2012


1. 6am coffee in the warm sunshine
2. 6am toddler in the warm sunshine
3. big bro, lil sis
4. flapjack face
5. football fanatic
6. the prettiest cottages - the one on the right is up for sale!
7. we invited our new neighbours over for tacos
8. this crazily hot salsa did something strange to my tongue
9. down? Up!

July 20, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: this weeks findings...

1. This video had me laughing my face off and now every time i hear that song i think of it!
2. Red wine & chocolate lollipops for the grown ups? YES!
3. Corriander? Lime? Prawns? 3 of my favourite things together in this recipe! Mmmmmm.
4. I love longest acres. Beautiful pictures, simple stuff, happy places.
5. Super natural every day is the book i want to be reading RIGHT NOW.
6. Just be cool. *adds to Etsy wish list*
7. Are these bonbons the most amazingly vibrant coloured treats ever? Errr, YES!
8. I scream for ice cream! Beautiful images as always from andrea at Hula Seventy.
9. If we ever get to the beach again, i want to be wearing this.
10. If got my eye on this for a little lady not yet born. I love Elodie Details whole range, as does Flo!

July 17, 2012


It's been a bit quiet lately here on the blog front due to the rest of my life being insanely manic. I hate this end-of-school time of year when there is so much to do, and so much sort out ready for the summer break. But amidst the chaos i took some time out & I went to visit my two oldest girlfriends this weekend (Hi  Kel! Hi Jem!).
It was a loooong overdue catch up as the last time was almost 3 years ago (3 years!!) but then i guess that's what happens when you throw re-locations to Spain, new babies & general life stuff into the mix. Time has a habit of flying by. 
It was such a lovely sunny visit; we had good chats, we drank good wine, we danced around the living room until 3:30am & I learnt a valuable lesson about offering to cook for 7 people in a kitchen I didn't  know, whilst slightly inebriated. Hmmm. 
Anyway, the night before I went off on my child-free adventure, I made this lovely Swedish mini-feast for me & the mister. It was gorgeous & as there's no actual cooking involved, it's a sinch to knock up. 

July 13, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: this weeks findings...

1. I'm in love with this DIY project, i just wish was a natural gardener.
2. I failed to make this home made ketchup for my besties who i'm visiting this weekend. Argh.
3. OMG - future me is such an a gooood idea. Go, go! Send your future self an email!
4. I want to be a part of this! I need more than just bills coming through my letterbox, lets face it...
5. I am so lucky to live 5 mins away from a thoughtful bread company stall. Their spelt sourdough makes my weekend!
6. Did i ever tell you how much I love the Moomins? This mug is on my wish list.
7. I want to wear this outfit! I love Fritha's blog!
8. In need of some Vegan yumminess? Look no further than this portobello mushroom burger. Heaven!
9. Why doesn't my hair ever look this cute?
10. Good advice number one and good advice number two.

July 11, 2012


1. TomKat - who gives? Ms Holmes I can't believe it took you THIS long to question bringing up your girlie under the rules of crazy-ass-we-all-are-aliens-look-at-my-spaceship-scientology. Just my opinion.

2. Yes it's raining, I had noticed. It probably will do forever. I'm over it, so should you be. If you're not, go build yourself an ark and live in it.

3. Jeans shopping is too stressful & all jeans should be banished from existence. Unless of course i find just one more pair that fit well for longer than 10 f-ing minutes.
Back to cellulite enhancing leggins for me then. OH JOY.
Jeggins you say? I have two words for you...

4. NHS waiting lists.......... 10 MONTHS i've been waiting to have my gallbladder removed.
10 MONTHS. I'm just want to eat some goddam lard. Hurry up please.

5. No, i didn't breast feed.  Excuse me, but why am i still  being asked this question? I'm done justifying my (yes, that's right my) decision, but I just wish some people would realise that it's not always black & white & sometimes, like when you have a child hooked up to a machine for the first month of their life, it's kind of hard to get going. Just an example.
Breast feeding mama's are awesome, i'm really not saying otherwise, but do you know what? I'm a pretty good mama too! My kids are healthy, happy, clever, sociable, funny & charming little people, and that's because they are loved & nourished and have been from day one. No other reason.

As you were.

pic credit

July 09, 2012


At the school summer fayre on Saturday, we won a family ticket to @Bristol, which was awesome because we had been wanting to go for ages, we just hadn't got around to it. So, yesterday morning we packed up our troubles & headed West! YAY!
We were there by half ten (get us) which was a pretty good move on our part because it was fairly quiet then so the kids got a feel for the place without too many other kids there. There was so much on offer, so much to do, so much to learn! Everything is hands on and all kiddos height, and explained in kiddo terminology so they get it & they don't get bored. No, at @Bristol, kids (or their parents) definitely do not get bored!
Whilst the mister took Indi to the cafe for a coffee (him, not her - at least i hope not), I took Dex & Flo into the planetarium. This ticked the boxes for all 3 of us; Flo liked it because she was able to shout out answers REALLY LOUD (it seems my little girlie knows quite a lot about our Solar System!) Dex liked it because he got to pretend he was in space for a whole 30 minutes & i liked it because I got to sit down for a whole half an hour. In the dark. I may or may not have closed my eyes and fallen asleep for a little bit.....
After our tour of the Summer night skies, we explored everything else the place had to offer 7 the quickest 3 hours of my life passed by! The animation area was awesome. We investigated water, air, light, the human body (being in the 'womb' was a bit weird though), fossils, & the jungle.
@Bristol really is an amazing place to take your children, and if you're local & you haven't, then you're in for a treat. I was going to say that it's probably best for age 5 and up, but i'm going to scrap that as India had a blast. There was plenty of time & space for her to walk about exploring & because they actively encourage bumbling toddlers that resemble a drunk E.T, she was in her element.
Then we went outside into Millennium Square to picnic & let the kids run wild in the water features....
A day full of fun was had by all. AND, AND the sun had his hat on! Finally...

July 08, 2012


The other night I was trying to find a new way to satisfy my never ending desire for Mexican food. And, well, this happened. 
It's a gorgeously spicy fresh salsa with the added omph of black beans. 
Fingers crossed that this salsa will be the stepping stone I need to get me to try a corn salsa one day soon as i have a weird aversion to this Mexican classic.... I have no idea why either.
This salsa may also be the way to get Dexter to eat a bean. Ok, Ok, so it's unlikely that will happen but if it does, then this salsa has magical properties. I'd totally go as far as to say that, as it's sooooo good. 
Errr, what are you waiting for? Go MAKE!

July 06, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: this weeks findings...

1. We may well be adapting this DIY project for end of term teacher gifts! So simple & so cute.
2. This drink looks soooooo good. Tonight this will be happening.
3. There are no words to describe how happy this breakfast makes me. Shame i can't eat the flippin' thing.
4. I'd love one of these necklaces from Vintage Pearl. Such lovely things...
5. I want this stamp and that kitchen. Jelly.
6. The Streat Food Collective are in Bath tonight. We're hoping to sample some good grub!
7. I love everything about this outfit. Effortless.
8. Check this post out from The Mermaid Chronicles. The last picture is my fave.
9. The most beautiful collection of images  Wow. Toby Scott is my new favourite person!
10. This room? Possibly perfect.

July 01, 2012


So, my In-Laws left London.
They decided that sixy-plus years living in the Big Smoke was a pretty good innings & they'd quite like to follow their dreams now & go & live by the sea. Hurrah!
Today we went to visit them at their lovely new home, in their new little sleepy town on the South Coast. 
Ferring was actually our closest beach when we lived in London so I've been here many times, but it wasn't until today that I realised how calming it was down that way - despite the mental, and i mean  hyper-mental wind!
There's not a hell of a lot going on (nothing) but that is totally part of the charm & instead of tons of cafes, bars & galleries lining the coast line, you've just got beach, fields & the odd fresh fish hut. I Love that.
Of course as I was born by the sea, i've got saltwater running through my veins (alongside pinot grigio) but even if you are the hardest of city souls, you can't help but be happy at the end of a day full of sea therapy (totally exists).
Here are some pics! Enjoy x

and blimey o riley.... this is only like 1/3 of their garden....