July 20, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: this weeks findings...

1. This video had me laughing my face off and now every time i hear that song i think of it!
2. Red wine & chocolate lollipops for the grown ups? YES!
3. Corriander? Lime? Prawns? 3 of my favourite things together in this recipe! Mmmmmm.
4. I love longest acres. Beautiful pictures, simple stuff, happy places.
5. Super natural every day is the book i want to be reading RIGHT NOW.
6. Just be cool. *adds to Etsy wish list*
7. Are these bonbons the most amazingly vibrant coloured treats ever? Errr, YES!
8. I scream for ice cream! Beautiful images as always from andrea at Hula Seventy.
9. If we ever get to the beach again, i want to be wearing this.
10. If got my eye on this for a little lady not yet born. I love Elodie Details whole range, as does Flo!

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