July 11, 2012


1. TomKat - who gives? Ms Holmes I can't believe it took you THIS long to question bringing up your girlie under the rules of crazy-ass-we-all-are-aliens-look-at-my-spaceship-scientology. Just my opinion.

2. Yes it's raining, I had noticed. It probably will do forever. I'm over it, so should you be. If you're not, go build yourself an ark and live in it.

3. Jeans shopping is too stressful & all jeans should be banished from existence. Unless of course i find just one more pair that fit well for longer than 10 f-ing minutes.
Back to cellulite enhancing leggins for me then. OH JOY.
Jeggins you say? I have two words for you...

4. NHS waiting lists.......... 10 MONTHS i've been waiting to have my gallbladder removed.
10 MONTHS. I'm just want to eat some goddam lard. Hurry up please.

5. No, i didn't breast feed.  Excuse me, but why am i still  being asked this question? I'm done justifying my (yes, that's right my) decision, but I just wish some people would realise that it's not always black & white & sometimes, like when you have a child hooked up to a machine for the first month of their life, it's kind of hard to get going. Just an example.
Breast feeding mama's are awesome, i'm really not saying otherwise, but do you know what? I'm a pretty good mama too! My kids are healthy, happy, clever, sociable, funny & charming little people, and that's because they are loved & nourished and have been from day one. No other reason.

As you were.

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