December 11, 2013


I got an email recently asking me if I'd like to review a juicer, and it was possibly the fastest email I've ever responded to (apart from that time Philip Schofield tweeted me. Ha!)
Did I want a juicer? Yes, of course I did! I have wanted to treat myself to a juicer for years, but when you have 3 kids who need things like shoes, or Dr Who magazines, you become last on the list of who gets what, right?!
So, as soon as I could I headed to the Argos website to have a look at what was on offer. They have an great range of juicers to chose from, but I decided on this one because it was really important to me that it could juice whole fruit (I'm lazy), that it could tackle hard fruits & vegetables no problem and that it was a doodle to clean (again, lazy). It ticked all my boxes and this morning I made my first ever juice and it was awesome! With no chopping involved and easy cleaning afterwards, the whole juicing thing was wrapped within 10 minutes - which is good because I'd quite like to send Dexter & Flo off on a cup of this some mornings. Result!

Oh, and if you thought i was going to do my first ever juice post & not drink it from a mason jar with a stripy paper straw, then you were very much mistaken - even if it is so last year, dahling.


You will need:
- 1 bunch of kale
- 2 green apples (i used Granny Smiths)
- 3 large carrots
- 1 large handful of red grapes

Juice and serve over ice if required :)

I was sent a juicer to review. All words my own.

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