September 10, 2013


Kathryn Williams - I started a joke.

Do you ever love an artist, like really really love them, then for some reason they just pop out of your head & you totally forget about them for years? Well this happened with me and Kathryn Williams. I was totally obsessed in the early '00s and played her 'Little Black Numbers' album over and over again in our office (my work mate Al hated it! Hi Al!). Then for some reason, I just stopped playing her.
This song is a cover of a Bee Gees song, and it's on an amazing album called Relations which is full of covers of her favourite songs. My mate Tom bought me it as a wedding gift & I'm about to drag that album out from the depths of the cupboard under the stairs and upload it as a matter of urgency!

How could I forget such a lovely voice?

P.S - There's no video, but you don't need one.
P.P.S - I was going to choose Bam Bam by Sister Nancy this week but I have been listening to it non-stop.
P.P.S - The name 'Tuesdays Tune' is a bit Tony Blackburn isn't it pop pickers? I feel a change coming on.

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