September 07, 2013

07.09.13 | HELLO THERE!

Well, look how quickly 2 weeks turned into a whole month! I didn't mean to be away for quite so long, but actually it was what I needed. It was such a lovely summer wasn't it? The weather was amazing, and i'm glad we made the most of it. We didn't go away for any length of time, but we visited friends, we took day trips, we caught up with family and we basically chilled OUT.
The kids we're chuffed to almost complete their summer bucket list, and the pace of life slowed right down - such a harsh contrast to this week. Autumn is on it's way for sure and normally I am ready for it (I love it) but this year, I kind of want Summer to hang around a little longer. 
I've been spending less time in the kitchen as we've been BBQing lots and eating out a fair bit so i'm looking forward of getting back in there! I've a few ideas lined up for stuff i'd like to try and a few new recipe books on my wish list ;)
School's back and with it comes a new school run (four miles a day, two of them up very steep hills, ouch), new school clubs (Dex signed himself up for ukulele lessons, how very bleubird of him!) so we need to figure out a new routine for ourselves as at this rate after spellings, readings, walks home, tea-time is looking closer to midnight. We'll get there in the end, i'm just really tired after the first week back and am looking forward to relaxing this weekend with friends (another BBQ!) and having some well needed lie-ins.

Bye Bye Summer, you were most excellent! Dude.

P.S - I guest posted on Abi's You've Got The Love series this week, so if you want a good laugh go take a look at my wedding hair. It's a beaut.

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