April 08, 2012


What a lovely Easter Weekend we have had this year! Yay for family, yay for bank holidays, yay for chocolate & boo hiss to car journeys with a 11 month old who hates the car. I'm not going to dwell on the fact that India screamed for the entire duration of our 3 HOUR car journey earlier today, no... that would totally ruin this happy Easter post i've got coming up for y'all.
We went to Devon this weekend to visit my mum & she laid on a fab Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos! They were SO excited at the prospect of hunting out eggs that the Easter Bunny had left for them that they couldn't wait to get going, following all the cute little signs along the way!! They had loads of fun hunting around the garden with Nanny & as a bonus got some good loot too! It will be nibbled away at for, well i'd like to say weeks, but realistically - probably hours days. Well, they are born from good chocolate eating stock, they know how it's done. Legend has it that their mama, as a girl, once consumed a whole gigantic basket of cadburys' creme eggs before breakfast. Pah! I'm not ashamed, i'd do it again given the chance - Easter is NOT for wimps.
So all in all, a lovely weekend has been had & here are some pics - enjoy!

and, we've totally given up trying to get us all looking even semi-normal in family photographs. No, the way forward is to just pull faces....

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