May 12, 2012


THE SUN CAME OUT!!!!! After weeks of nothing but rain & miserable skies, finally we got the vitamin D boost we had all been waiting for. We were out of the house by 10am - on a Saturday (yeah, in your FACE laziness) and we were determined to soak up the sun. We went for a lesuirely stroll about town, brought some books, drank some coffee & listened to some awesome buskers. Our rumbling tummies then pointed us in the direction of we our favourite picnic spot where we ate, drank & chilled the hell out! It was bliss. 100% bliss. Dex & Flo played hide & seek & ran about like mad things whilst Indi pointed and beamed at everything she saw. Cute on a plate! There were climbing frames, bouncy castles, swings & ice-creams a plenty -hurrah to the sun! What a difference it makes to wake up to a sunny day. I've put an order in for more of the same tomorrow, so here's hoping it wasn't a one off as I'm too damn scared to check my weather app!

Here's some pics - enjoy x

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