September 26, 2012


It's been a little quiet here on the blog because i've been busy getting knee deep in my thirties.
Yep,  I turned 33 this week and aside from the year when the mister wisked me away to the Caribbean,  or my 8th birthday party at Once Upon a Time (think your average soft play with a side order of freaky animated puppets & giant pigs), this one was the BEST!
It all started a week before when we were in the Apple store checking out the nano's for Dexy's up & coming 7th birthday. The mister casually strolls up to me & say's "you can't use a mouse can you?" to which i answered "no" thinking it was some sort of weird put-down (it's true, i really can't use a mouse. It's something to do with the co-ordination and it's probably the same reason i can't steer, and therefore drive a car, but y'know - whatever) anyway, i digress! Where I am headed with this story is basically, he went all kinds of crazy & bought me a brand spankers new iMac. Holy Crap! To say I was stunned/shocked/delirious for the rest of the day week does not even come close!
It really is a beautiful thing this little ole mac of mine, and she is currently sitting in a little nook in my bedroom, soon to be made into a pretty work space (can anyone else feel a makeover coming on?)

So of course, i was pretty darn convinced that my birthday couldn't get any better in terms of things i would not have expected in a million years, but it turns out I was very wrong...
After a fabulouso supper of fresh Shetland mussels on the Saturday night, washed down with a sea of wine (ahem), i woke up to the cutest & best behaved 3 children on the planet. They showered me in kisses & homemade cards, before bringing me an amazing breakfast in bed of bagels with smoked salmon & poached eggs. They then spent the whole of the morning being oddly over-excited that it was my birthday, and kept jumping around asking me when we were going to go to lunch before giggling & running off. Hmmm, looking back now I probably should have realised then that we were not actually going to Pizza Express for lunch as they had originally chosen for me, but to our local italian pizzeria which my husband had hired out & secretly invited 20 of my friends & their kiddos...




It. was. amazing! I had such a special, special day. We ate, we drank, we chatted, we hugged & the kiddos had a blast playing together. All these lovely things really helped to create such a lovely relaxed & warm vibe & most definitely not the terryifying hysteria i normally associate with surprise parties. Everyone was so thoughtful and so kind & i feel truely honoured to have such lovely friends. Thank you to my fab husband & adorable kiddos for making my birthday one of the best ever!

And because i was either shaken with shock or slightly inebriated, very few pics were taken! But here are a few i've managed to grab off my iphone & our friends camera ... enjoy!

and check this out! My lovely friend Soraya made me a cake I could actually eat (this never happens) so i even got to blow out my candles too! Yay!

(the main pic at the top is a photo of my favourite card. It's a homemade one from one of my oldest & closest friends Caz & it's a screen shot of my favourite film Reality Bites. She's typed the words from the soundtrack along the bottom too! That's 18 years of remembering!! I know i'll keep that card forever...)


  1. oh my gosh, he is SUCH a keeper, what a lovely man! Looks like you have the best day (and I am rather jealous of your new Imac!) x

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds so good, as does being whisked off to the Caribbean!

    1. Thank you (& sorry for the late reply!) It was fab & up their with the Caribbean ;)