October 19, 2012


1. Love this idea from Gingiber on Etsy. Especially as my little Dexter turned 7 (!) this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIZZY BOO!!! I love you so much that i could go pop! xx
2. My mate B just started a blog! Go check her out over at Parenting & Popcorn cos she's lovely :)
3. Lauren Childs' doll version of Goldilocks & the three bears is India's absolute favourite book. We read it over & over again & it's so cute to watch her copy the facial expressions & actions!
4. Oooo this phone case is nice.
5. Good taste? Abigail has it in bucket loads here! Sooo many good ideas.
6. I tweeted about it already, but this post about kids TV characters from Lisa cracked me up BAD!
7. Love this look from her roots to her toes - oh i wish!
8. I want to be brave enough to use Down Pipe anywhere, just any friggin-where!
I just love it. Maybe i'll do my toenails in it?
9. Did you see Latte Mama? Oh lordy, i love the rabbit dress... Thank god for Christmas!
10. Sounds pretty damn perfect to me.

Have fun!


  1. I love Lisa's blog, I cracks me up so bad, I definitely can't read whilst drinking a cup of tea, or it would come out my nose!

    Thanks for the love! I really like this feature, always such good finds! X

    1. Aww thank-you! I love doing this weekly feature. It's a great excuse to just browse for ages!!

  2. Love your Friday posts, they make me smile!

    I see your in bath, we aren't far- if you'd ever like a play date/meet .. we'd love to!

    Fern x

    1. Thanks Fern! A meet up would be lovely, i think there's quite a few of us Bath/Bristol (& surrounding) bloggers isn't there!