December 07, 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: 07.12.12

1. Looking for a Christmas cocktail? These Cranberry Rosemary Spritzers are perfect!
2. Oh y'know, just another amazing house tour!
3. I've bookmarked this party bag post by Alexis for Flo's 6th birthday next year. Brilliant!
4. I did a little etsy shopping this week - first stop this tea towel from Fritha's shop Moonbeatle. LOVE!
5. I'm getting India this book for Chrimblio. OK, ok, it's for me really...
6. Do you have a newborn? You need this! Hell, I need that! Can i borrow your baby?
7. I want this from Story North but in hot pink or neon yellow for my dining room. *sigh*
8. If i wear this perfect-for-me-jumper when we're talking, don't take it personally as i'm probably not.
9. This week I discovered Coffeeklatch. So many interesting stories, and beautiful photography...
10. Real talk.

Happy Weekend! Go Get Festive! xx

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