August 12, 2011


Urgh. This week has pretty much sucked. Apart from a couple of nice lunch dates with family & friends, it's been pretty grim. The weather has been awful (again), the stuff on the news has been so depressing with all the mindless rioting - how upsetting to see so many of my old stomping grounds brought to their knees - and to top it all off, all 3 kiddos have the worst hacking cough. I ended up taking 16 week old Indi to see the doc as it's just so awful to see something so sweet & tiny having such a hard time - it breaks my heart. It really doesn't help that we live in one of the most polluted cities in Europe & with soooo much traffic here during the hot summer months it's no wonder we feel like we're suffocating some days (at 3am this morning I was so annoyed with Bath & it's air quality that I was surfing properties in Falmouth! Don't think a move is on the cards though).  So, for the last 3 nights, sleep has been pretty limited, and I am a total zombie. I have a perma-drip of caffine running through my veins in a vain (!) attempt to keep my eyes open, and my arms & legs working in some sort of manner. BUT - things could be worst, a lot lot worst i know so as much as I like pissing & moaning about poor little old me, i thought i'd try and turn that frown upside down (i know i know, i even hate myself for using that line) - so off I pootled to pintrest for some happy therapy (that's looking at pretty pictures to you & me). This is what I found..... enjoy!

One day i will my own Airstream. And it will look like this!

How adorable is this!! Kinda funny too...

I'd love love love to live here.

This is such a fab idea. Will start doing this i think with our kitchen black board.

I love the colours. Perfect :)

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