August 05, 2011


Ahhh, summer.
Glorious sunny, warm, balmy summer.
Long lazy days, filled with the kids tearing strips off of each other children playing happily, burnt sausages beautifully marinated seafood on the BBQ & children running about gone 10pm because its too humid to sleep long relaxed evenings in the garden drinking wine watching the sunset.
Ah yes, i do love Summer.

saunton sands, Devon

The thing is though, here in old Blighty we don't actually ever get 2 months of un-interrupted sun & warmth. It's rare to have more than a couple of days at a time with the sun beating down on everyone giving us all a healthy glow & much needed Vit-D boost. So, when the sun does come out you have to get at it & be quick sharp about it too. So that's exactly what we did for the day on Wednesday - we packed enough food to feed an army, buckets, spades, hats & our sunnies & we drove down to Studland on the Dorset coast, and headed straight for Knowle Beach.

The kids LOVED it. I was amazed by how confident Dexter & Florence were in the sea considering neither of them can swim properly yet & also that Flo had an icy 'falling into the sea fully clothed' experience in Polzeath back a couple of Novembers ago!! It looked as if Dexter was making his way to the Isle of Wight at one point he was that comfortable, and Flo managed to play a game of sea golf (i don't know either).

It was one of the best days we've had so far as a family of five this summer and we're thinking of heading back there in a couple of days for more. Bliss.

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