October 26, 2012


1. Check out this Christmas tree! Such a good idea.
2. I may be about to cheat on Jamie with Bill - based on an adapted version of this recipe. (post to follow!)
3. I really want to make s'mores this week for the kiddos. What can I use instead of Graham Crackers?!
4. Sometimes I find things that make me laugh SO hard. This week this outfit happened to some poor young Jesse J lookalike. £195? Wowzers!
5. I may or may not have bought myself three of these utensil jars this week ;) Cute!
6. Oh Joy! Look at what she did here and then here... It's lovely. Simply lovely.
7. OMGaaaah! Byron Hamburgers makes me want to throw caution to the wind. How amazing?!
8. Winters coming!! For Dexy, For Miss Flo and for little Indi.
9. Got a spare £200 just lying about? No? Me either, but look at this beautiful bag!
10. And lastly...

Happy Weekend xx

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