November 23, 2012


1. Oooooh, How did I miss this home tour of one of my favourite illustrators ever, Nan Lawson?! (I do however think it's weird how I took the above picture at home literally minutes before I found that link...)
2. I'm sorry but James Arthur on Saturday?! Melt. My. Heart. 
3. I neeeeeed these on my feet. Are you listening Santa?
4. I am following Lottie on her journey! Good luck love - you're a braver woman than I !
5. Thank you Topshop for this.  Beaut!
6. I found this DIY this week.... I am chomping at the bit to do something similar.
7. We will 100% be sampling some of this at Christmas :) Thanks for the tip Shannon!
8. Hahahahahahahahaha. I love Monica, but c'mon - enough with the faces!
9. Oh lordy, this is too funny and way too true round these parts!
10. This should lead to this.